Tips to Avoid Failure While Buying Gas Compressor for Sale

In the market for a gas compressor for sale? Specialist machinery and gas compression suppliers are your best sources for high-quality equipment to ensure long-term operational efficiency of your setup. With rising oil and gas prices, businesses are looking elsewhere to help reduce their operating costs and keep CNG prices at affordable rates for consumers. When shopping for a gas compressor for sale, it pays after knowing the product you are buying to ensure the quality and value of your purchase. Here are things you should remember to avoid subpar quality equipment when buying new or used gas compressor for sale:

  • There are two major types of air compressors based on applications, namely, home and commercial compressors. Home compressors are basically portable units that can easily be moved and transported by DIYers and homeowners. Home compressors are commonly used for power tools like air nailers, sanders, grinders, and polishers, which help reduce the amount of time and effort on a project. Commercial air compressors, on the other hand, are industrial grade compressors used for professional, business, and commercial applications. These larger and more powerful machines include features that allow handling of more demanding jobs that require higher horsepower, longer run times, more PSI, and more CFM. Although portable commercial compressors are available, most are stationary units that allow for larger-capacity applications.
  • Knowing your CFM requirements is also critical when finding the right gas compressor for sale to purchase. Most air tools are rated with an average CFM. This is important as certain compressor applications, such as those that require continuous use, call for very specific CFM ratings
  • Gas compressors come in two and single stage configurations. Single stage compressors feature a single piston, which compresses and delivers compressed air to a storage tank. This kind of system is typically found in mild-duty compressors with maximum ratings below 150 pounds of PSI (pressure per square inch). Single stage compressors are usually adequate for home requirements. Two-stage compressors feature two pistons that compress and deliver air to storage tank. The first piston does the compression before pushing the compressed air through the check valve, onto the second piston. This secondary piston further compresses the gas before delivering it to the storage tank. This kind of system is typically found in heavy-duty, commercial grade compressor with maximum ratings well above 150 psi.

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Ironline Compression is a leading provider of gas compression solutions and mechanical services to the Canadian energy industry. Ironline Compression understands the needs of a challenging and evolving industry. With over 70 years of experience in the Canadian energy sector, Ironline provides an unmatched experience and expertise in the gas compression market. Ironline has the capabilities and vision to safely deliver quality products, services, and solutions – on time and budget.


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25 Apr 2018

By Ironline Compression
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