Speak English with confidence and clarity!

Accent modification program is designed to help non-native speakers of American English feel more comfortable and confident when speaking one-on-one in person or by phone or in teleconferences, in meetings, social gatherings, or challenging workplace situations.

This course is ten sessions in length and includes the following topics:

1. Common structures of expression
2. Idioms & expressions
3. How verb tense creates nuances in meaning
4. Alternative expressions: gerunds vs infinitives, tone & style
5. Roleplay dialogues
6. Mechanics: prepositions & phrasal verbs, article usage, and integrating new expressions
7. Small talk and making conversation
8. Reinforcement of accent modification concepts
9. Communicative approaches
10. What to say in bad situations
11. Asking questions and speaking in meetings

Personalized 1-1 sessions with the instructor provide the opportunity for the participant to ask specific questions, gain risk-free practice using new structures and expressions in various situations, and explore alternative forms of expression.


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04 Oct 2018

By Rebecca Linquist
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