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Best Trading Tips to Stay Ahead of the Game

by manuel jejus on

Although trading is one of the hottest topics today, most people do cringe at the thought of trading itself. Be it a bitter past experience or failure to believe in the concept as a whole, trading can definitely mean different things to different peo... Read full article

stock market Investment tips

by manue jejus on

Technical analysts are familiar with breadth indicators. This is a class of indicators designed to measure how broad the participation in a price move is. The general idea behind breadth indicators is that a healthy trend will have broad participati... Read full article

Julian Lovato Jewelry: A Timeless Treasure

by Turquoise Direct on

Master craftsman Julian Lovato was born in 1925 to a family of bead makers in New Mexico’s Santo Domingo Pueblo. ... Read full article

Complement Your Clothing with Artisanal Bracelet by Bruce Morgan

by Turquoise Direct on

Native American jewelry make excellent collectibles especially for the avid jewelry enthusiast. ... Read full article

Look for Traditional Navajo Turquoise Jewelry by Philander Begay

by Turquoise Direct on

Turquoise is often a centerpiece of high-end Native American jewelry, and turquoise pieces made by well-known and talented artists like Philander Begay are among the most prized and highly valued in the collecting world. ... Read full article

Look for Designer Native American Jewelry by Sunshine Reeves

by Turquoise Direct on

Daniel Reeves—more popularly known as ‘Sunshine Reeves’—is a well-known, talented, and award-winning Navajo artist and silversmith. ... Read full article

Amazing Native American Jewelry Designs by Julian Lovato

by Turquoise Direct on

There may be many talented Native American jewelry designers and makers, but only a few names stand out because of the uniqueness of their creations. ... Read full article

Designer Thomas Curtis & His Unique Native American Jewelry

by Turquoise Direct on

There is something about Native American jewelry that makes it enticing to behold and exciting to wear. ... Read full article

Kirk Smith Jewelry: The New ‘In’ Thing

by Turquoise Direct on

Kirk Smith consistently produced high-quality jewelry using only the best materials and stones, and his talent and workmanship earned him the recognition of being among the best Navajo silversmiths. ... Read full article

Induce A Majestic Logo Design That Will Uplift Your Social Media Presence

by Nidhi Dave on

Induce A Majestic Logo Design That Will Uplift Your Social Media Presence... Read full article