Secure the Safety of Your Building With Expansion Joints in NJ

Planning on renovating your dated commercial space, hi-rise or condominium? Expansion joints in New Jersey are a vital addition to your renovation plans, particularly if you are managing an older building or if it is very tall, like a hi-rise. There are several reasons why this is an excellent addition to your plans.

Why You Need Expansion Joints in Your Building

Expansion joints in NJ are a wise addition to your aging building. Important benefits of adding an expansion joint to encourage building stability include:

  • Absorption of vibrations
  • Holding parts of the building together
  • Allows natural and safe expansion and contraction of materials to accommodate changing temperatures.
  • Allows safe movement due to earthquakes or high winds as is a concern in hi-rise buildings.

If your building is older and made of masonry, and expansion joint may be a very good idea since clay bricks will expand in the heat of summer, particularly when it rains. An expansion joint would prevent the mortar from crumbling as a result of the expansion and trapping of water in the mason work.

If your commercial space, hi-rise- or condominium is in need of extra stability, look no further than expansion joints. For more details, contact your local professional about expansion joints in NJ.

About Adriatic Restoration

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04 Jun 2018

By Stephen Becerra
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