Restoring your Building with Stucco and EIFS Repairing

stucco and eifs repairingStucco and EIFS Repairing at a Glance

 Stucco adorns the exterior of countless American commercial buildings. This beautiful material is well-known for its durability and it is capable of lasting for 100 or more years. Despite its hardiness and longevity, stucco is prone to cracking, blistering, and impact damage. Stucco and EIFS repairing can prevent these issues from occurring, and ensure that your building’s façade remains flawless and physically appealing for years to come.


Preventing Water Damage

 If the stucco on your home or commercial property appears cracked or impacted, you will definitely need to address the issue as quickly as possible. If these cracks are not repaired properly, water and moisture will be able to seep through and damage the internal structure of your building. This is not only unsightly but dangerous, due to the fact that walls and ceilings that sustain excessive water damage are prone to collapsing.


The Process of Stucco and EIFS Repairing

 During the repair process, your technician may also perform the following tasks:

  • Waterproofing
  • Painting
  • Installing new stucco

 All of these projects may be required to fully restore the strength and appearance of your stucco.


Restore Your Building’s Exterior

 Cracks in your stucco are a cause for concern, especially if you live in a rainy or humid area. Repairing your stucco can prevent the aforementioned issues from occurring, and restore your building's exterior to its former glory. When properly cared for, your stucco will continue to look beautiful for many years with the aid of Stucco and EIFS repairing from a professional restoration company in your local area.

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26 May 2019

By Mark Schner
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