Qualities of Good High School Assemblies

High school assemblies are one of the most common features among all the schools in the world. It is considered as the vital element of the school curriculum. A school assembly is a common gathering which takes place to exchange the information with the students and teachers regarding the special programs, school announcements and many more. It can support and keep up a constructive school culture and helps to build the social perception among the students.

So, therefore, we have compiled a list of few qualities of good high school assemblies which helps in maintaining or nourishing the positive environment in the school such as:

1.    Unity - One of the main quality of a good high school assembly is that it promotes the sense of wholeness, unity, and togetherness among the different individuals as they all are gathered under one roof for a reason or purpose.

2.    Acts as a motivation - Another quality of good high school assembly is that it encourages the sense of motivation among the participants through the engaging messages and motivational talks delivered through the medium of an assembly which helps in contributing more to student’s self-development standards.

3.    Develops the social and interpersonal skills – A good high school’s assembly also acts as the source of developing the social and interpersonal skills among the students which help in making them a good national for the country and helps them to achieve their life goals successfully.

4.    Disciplinary etiquettes - It helps in enhancing the disciplinary etiquettes among the students through the high school assembly. It is also one of the main quality which derives from such assemblies.

5.    Physical conditions of the assembly – Prevailing physical conditions of the assembly area such as Ventilation, heating, comfort, and the aesthetic conditions in and around the assembly hall or room are considered as the important factors which may affect the quality of the high school assembly.

6.    Source of inner peace - A good and spiritual high school assembly acts as an important source of evolving the inner peace among the students which encourages them to be in the relaxed and comfortable position. It further helps in embellishing the concentration power among the individuals.

7.    Source of evolving skills - It also enables the students to share their skills, talents expertise through the stories and performances being performed in the assembly in front of everyone.

8.    Planned and meaningful topics – All the topics and areas which needs to be discussed or taken in the assembly should be well planned so that to bring the meaningful results out of the same. Further, it acts as a source of enhancing the quality of a good high school assembly.

Therefore, all above are the few points which help in describing the qualities and factors which helps in creating a good high school assembly for the students.

About the Author:

Attaboy is a group that does assemblies in public high schools and middle schools. We are a band that performs music with a powerful articulated message. With our unique presentation of music and spoken message, we engage and relate to the students.

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28 Feb 2018

By Jeff Edgel
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