Overview of SAP Certification Program

SAP or System Applications and Products was introduced to help the customers interact on a common database using a range of applications. Today, the number of applications used has increased and many large companies make use of SAP.

SAP is an ERP system which enables organizations to run their business processes efficiently, whether it is production, accounting, sales or human resources. The integration of these processes enables the flow of information from one SAP component to another. The advantage includes eliminating the need for entering data redundantly. This framework can run on many platforms including Windows 2000 and use client/server models. Internet enabled packages are also included for better communication.

SAP Certification
Today, most of the companies have started working with SAP and hence it has become necessary for the employees to take a SAP course to pass SAP certification. SAP is continuously advancing with new product offerings like web interfaces, new e-business applications, tools for supply chain management and much more. The thing to be understood first is that experience in SAP jobs is considered more important than the certification itself.

The certification in SAP is an exam offered by SAP AG and the good news is that usually, the employer pays for it on behalf of the employees. These days, SAP has become an important requirement to land jobs across the world. SAP integrated modules in the companies make it necessary for professionals to have in-depth knowledge about SAP.

Why opt for SAP certification?
It is common knowledge that to get a job as a professional, you need a degree or a certification in your area of expertise. This is true of a SAP consultant job too which requires a certificate from SAP. This is useful because you remain updated about the latest developments in the technology and will be able to positively contribute to your company.

It is generally seen that people who work with SAP tend to take the certification so that they get better insight about the subject and better opportunities in their career. This is crucial because a person with a SAP certification will definitely have an edge over someone who does not have one. Experts say that the demand for SAP professionals will never diminish and the certification will be a value-addition to your resume.

There are no prerequisites in the form of SAP training courses which you must attend to appear for the certifications. However, if you are about to take a higher level Professional Certification, you must have an Associate level Certification.

Overview of SAP certification program

There are about 150 certifications offered by SAP, each pertaining to a SAP product. There are three levels of certifications, namely associate level, specialist level and professional level.

●Associate level certifications: These certifications can be taken by professionals who are beginners as far as SAP solutions are concerned. They may have an overview of SAP, reading from training materials.
Specialist level certifications: The skills you get from these certifications add on to the credentials of the previous level. They acquaint you with skills needed for specific roles.
Professional level certifications: These certifications impart in-depth knowledge of SAP and provide good level of hands-on experience.

Where to do SAP course

India has a highly competitive market as far as SAP jobs are concerned. While it is relatively easier for experienced SAP consultants to get jobs, it is not so in case of fresh graduates. It is found that doing SAP certifications offers some advantages for these people. Registering for SAP certification online is easy and you may join a training course to gain the mastery required. There are two options – classroom SAP training or SAP course online. Checkout- Top and best SAP FICO training course institute in Delhi

Classroom SAP training: There are numerous training centers that offer training for SAP and it is vital to choose the most reliable one authorized by SAP Education. Almost every small and big city in India has training centers where you can enroll. Choose a center near your place and start coaching immediately after registering for the certification.

Online courses: Like every course which is available online, SAP courses can also be taken online. The advantage of online training is that it is less expensive. There are many online firms that offer these courses. You can browse through the internet and find out the course most suitable to you depending on the quality of materials and practice sessions. Once you join the course, you can learn at your own pace according to your level of understanding. Remember to ensure that the firm gives you access to SAP system for practice.

If you are an aspiring professional yet to get certified in SAP, you are never late. Go ahead and take the big step for the betterment of your career and future.

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02 Aug 2017

By Michael Warne
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