North East India Trip – Must know information before you go to Kohima

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is a distinct hill station with its mix of natural charm and distinct regional individuals and their culture. In reality nature is as much a traveler destination here as are individuals.


Your best choice to take a trip to Kohima is to fly into Dimapur (Alternatively take a train till here) and after that take an automobile to Kohima.

Dimapur in Assam is the primary interaction center for taking a trip throughout Nagaland. It has its own Airport and rail station. There are direct flights linking Dimapur to Kolkata daily. It is even much better linked by train with about a lots trains travelling through Dimapur every day to various parts of the nation. A number of the trains, consisting of the Rajdhani Express, link Delhi with Nagaland. Although Dimapur remains in Assam, the Nagaland Boarder is simply 15 minutes repel. From Dimapur to Kohima is a gorgeous journey of about 2.5 hours (65 kms).

If you are coming to Guwahati, which is much better linked to the remainder of the nation, you need to drive to Kohima through Dimapur. This is a long 350 km journey which might take as long as 9 hours. We do not advise this drive if you have other alternatives.

The Town

The little hill station is at an elevation of about 4200 feet. The town has a population of about a lakh. The roadways can be rather crowded throughout peak company hours, there has actually been widespread urbanisation in the current past and the streets have actually not grown in percentage to the population or the structures here. The city is controlled by the Angamis and Aos who are amongst the biggest of the 16 people who reside in Nagaland.

The Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival has actually been begun to promote the special culture, conventional, music, dance and craft of the people of Nagaland. It was begun by a voluntary organisation however was quickly taken control of by the Nagaland federal government. Since the celebration has actually been growing in appeal and today is most likely the most essential cultural tourist occasion in the North East India. Numerous other celebrations have actually begun in the area, however none have actually obtained the prominence of the Hornbill Festival.

The celebration generally begins on the very first day of December and continues for about a week or more. The celebration is a professional photographers pleasure as colourfully dressed ethnic individuals from the 16 various people of Nagaland all congregate and sign up with the celebration that consists of Dance, Music, Food, Handicraft, Sports and so on. The place for the celebration is held at Kisama Heritage Village, on the borders of Kohima town.

Revolt and Security

The Naga individuals are intense warrior and Independent in nature. Given that 1834 when the British aimed to annex the area, they have actually been defending their independent status. After Independence of India from British guideline, the Naga individuals desired their different nation. Today they have actually broadly absorbed in the nationwide mainstream. Nevertheless revolt and require self-reliance is still not extremely unusual. The Naga individuals are normally rather congenial. For your security, you ought to prevent venturing too far beyond the city limitations and particularly throughout the dark. If you are taking a trip with us, we will supply you with newest updates through our guide or co-ordinator concerning the dos and donts of taking a trip to Nagaland.


Nagaland is a dry state and has actually stayed so for near 3 years now. Kohima being close to the Assam boarder, gets its routine supply of grey market alcohol which is obviously not really hard to come by. Nevertheless formally belongings, sale, usage & manufacture of alcohol is prohibited in Nagaland.

Exactly what to See

Kohima War Cemetary

The 2nd world war cemetery of Kohima lies not far from the city centre yet it is rather tranquil and remote. This historic location is likewise well-known for the Kohima Epitaph, which checks out

" When you go home inform them people and state

for your tomorrow we offered our today"

Nagaland State Museum

Check out the state museum for the artefacts of the regional individuals and a concept about their history and culture. The museum lies at the centre of the city

The Second World War Museum

This museum lies in the Kisama town where Hornbill celebration is held. It is a great location to comprehend the history of the WWII and the function Nagaland played in the war.

Khonoma Village

A town walk is a need to stroll activity if you are checking out Nagaland. The Khonoma town is simply half an hours drive from Kohima. Work with the service of a regional guide who will describe you about the town and lots of wars it battled. The special culture of individuals of Nagaland can be seen in the town, unrestricted by traveler activity.

Where to Stay

Lodging alternatives are restricted in Kohima, there is a lack of traveler lodging specifically in the luxury classification. Throughout the Hornbill celebration most hotels stay offered out months ahead of time. Homestay are mainly standard, however there are numerous house stay lodgings readily available around Kohima which is an exceptional method to connect with the regional individuals and discover their culture.

Our Services

Nature beyond arranges routine trips to Kohima and its surrounding location. If you are preparing a journey throughout the Hornbill celebration we extremely advise that you call us early enough to prevent frustration. Throughout the remainder of the year likewise all our trip programs are personalized inning accordance with visitor requirement. We will arrange a trip for you inning accordance with your interest, budget plan and time constrain. Don't hesitate to obtain in touch with our group for ideas and a trip prepare for you.

For more information on North East India tour packages and any other holiday packages contact Swan Tours or call 011 23415601.

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31 Jul 2018

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