My Family is Growing – How Many Bedrooms Should We Get?

Whether you’re welcoming a new baby or a new spouse, if the number of people occupying your space is growing, it’s likely your space needs will too. But just how many bedrooms do you need? Whether you need to look at two bedroom apartments or three bedroom apartments depends a lot on your lifestyle.

Bringing Home Baby

If you are welcoming an infant into your space, it’s a good idea to have two extra rooms. Why? You’ll want one for a nursery, but you may also need a dedicated space to get some much-needed sleep without a partner waking you up when they get ready for work.

Privacy Needs

Even the most living couples need areas to decompress. Consider having an extra room in addition to your bedroom for each partner to read, meditate or just having private time.

Space Concerns

If you or your partner needs room to branch out, it’s a good idea to include a bonus bedroom in your apartment search. A good rule of thumb is choosing an apartment with enough room for each person to sleep individually, plus an extra.

There are countless factors that can go into deciding if you need to rent two bedroom apartments or three bedroom apartments. Talk honestly with your loved ones about your needs to choose a space that suits everyone.


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14 May 2019

By Margaret Petrone
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