Maintain Safe Operating Standards for Every Electrical Product Through Reliable Electrical Testing

Safety is always the main priority when it comes to electrical inspection and testing. Whenever new electrical products are being installed or when systems have been hard at work for quite some time (at least every 10 years for homes or every 5 years for commercial properties), electrical testing must be done in order to ensure that standards for operation and safety are met. This ensures the wellbeing of the buildings occupants or its users, be it a residential property or a public or commercial centre. 

Periodic testing and inspection are critical because electrical installations deteriorate over time. This can be due to a wide range of factors, ranging from regular wear and tear to physical damage, corrosion, normal ageing, excessive electrical loads, and also commonly, environmental influences. When you are dealing with something that can quite aptly be described as an unseen or invisible danger that can creep up to an unsuspecting user, it is important that regular inspection be done in order to avoid untoward incidents. Electricity can cause traumatic shocks, bad burns, house fires, explosions, property damage, and even something as tragic and grave as death. 

Obtaining an electrical inspection certificate is in fact a requirement for properties. Whether you are planning to sell a building, rent out an apartment, or use a property for commercial purposes, testing is a major requirement to ensure safe operating standards for all electrical products and installations within the building. Whether obtaining safety certificate or performing regular maintenance of your property, electrical testing and inspection should only ever be carried out by a competent, duly certified and qualified professional. Call up a registered electrician and never attempt to do the inspection by yourself, especially when damage is suspected. 

Attempting to do an electrical inspection when you don’t have the right knowledge, experience, and certification will only result in accidents or improper diagnosis of potential risks and problems within your property’s electrical system. Moreover, proper inspection by a qualified professional is required by law, especially for properties that have public access as well as commercial properties and places of business. Regular checking in order to obtain an electrical installation condition report or EICR is essential so that potential risks and dangers can be prevented and so that damages can be remedied before they can cause serious accidents. Whereas inconvenience, added cost, and/or sheer lack of knowledge are all potential reasons not to push with periodic electrical testing, the safety and wellbeing of the people who use the building, as well as the threat of legal prosecution if injury or death occur should be a more compelling argument to do the right thing. 

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I am James Livingstone the owner of Trade Facilities Services, we provide electrical certificates and electrical testing in London, Essex and Kent at reasonable and fair prices. The company is fully insured, and all electricians are qualified and are members of either NAPIT or the NICEIC. We believe in publishing the correct information for our consumers to ensure they get value for money.

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31 Jul 2018

By James Livingstone
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