Luxury Wine Tours to Piedmont: Perfect for New Year Evening

Along with Sicily, Piedmont is one of the best places to go for Italy wine tours, this majestic region is famous for its Barolo wine and UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, unparalleled cuisine, and noble history as the very birthplace of Italy’s unification. Piedmont is nothing short of majestic and wine tours Piedmont are the perfect way to experience the region’s elegant charm, while bypassing the crowds of southern Italy. 

Piedmont can be found in the Alpine foothills, which is why its landscapes always feature the Alps in the backdrop. On the very slopes of the Alps are the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato vineyards, which form Piedmont’s famous UNESCO-recognized vineyard landscape. In 2014, UNESCO declared this area as a World Heritage, which serves as a testament to the region’s centuries-old heritage of gastronomy and winemaking. 

A definite must for Italy wine tours, Piedmont is also most famous for its Barolo and Barbaresco wines, which are dubbed as Italy’s king and queen of wines. A premier wine destination, Piedmont isn’t only famous for its gorgeous vineyard landscapes and world-class bottles. The region is also known for its deeply rooted gastronomic and culinary traditions, which set it apart from other wining and dining destinations across the country. Wine tours Piedmont guarantee unforgettable experiences not only for wine lovers and avid collectors, but also for foodies and those who are looking for a different experience than the typical art and history tour of major cities. 

Luxury wine tours are perfect for sampling the tastes, sights, and sounds of Piedmont’s crème de la crème vineyards and restaurants and catch the spectacular Alpine scenery, particularly in Langhe. Best toured during the autumn season when its vineyards are at their best (and when white truffles are in season), Langhe is definitely a must for those who want to experience top-notch wining and dining in Piedmont. Some interesting highlights to look forward to in your Italy wine tours include exciting winery visits and wine tastings, Michelin starred dining, tour of medieval hamlets, castles, and idyllic wine villages, and a sampling of some of the most sought-after local fare. 

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01 Dec 2018

By Gennaro Rotoli
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