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Daniel Reeves—more popularly known as ‘Sunshine Reeves’—is a well-known, talented, and award-winning Navajo artist and silversmith. His works are among the most highly valued pieces in the world of Native American jewelry. He learned silversmithing from his brothers when he was 24, and since then, he has become an innovator of methods used in crafting and designing silver Native American jewelry. His creations range from belt buckles to bracelets and rings, but he is also known for his intricately designed candle holders and bowls.

What sets Sunshine Reeves’s Native American jewelry apart from the creations of other artists is the process he goes through to make his pieces. He treats every piece as a unique art form; thus, no two are exactly alike. On average, he will use anywhere from 10 to 20 different stamps that he makes by himself to create special and unique patterns for his jewelry. In fact, his patterns have become his signature and have helped him recognition among avid collectors of Native American jewelry. His designs have helped him become widely recognized in the world, and he has earned a following in countries like Korea, Japan, and Europe.

Sunshine Reeves’ jewelry is exhibited in various museums and galleries across America and exclusive pieces are sold by reputable retailers that carry authentic handmade turquoise jewelry and pieces of jewelry by award-winning Native American artists. When buying any of his pieces, always make sure that the store has decades of experience in selling Native American jewelry and that the jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity to assure you of Sunshine Reeves’ name and tribal affiliation. The certificate should disclose the retail value and the materials used in the piece, too.

Some of the best-selling Native American jewelry by Sunshine Reeves are belt buckles, bracelets, and rings with turquoise as the main centerpiece of their design. Each piece features intricate stampwork, too, like the gem grade Aztec spider web turquoise Navajo rug pattern design bracelet, which features beautifully cut out scallops that are fanned and overlayed on both sides of the stone. Another notable piece is the rare gem grade Royston turquoise belt buckle, which features a brilliant cabochon encircled with elaborate detailing and hand-twisted wire in sterling silver.

About the Company:

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02 Apr 2018

By Turquoise Direct
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