Brand new equipment may seem a good idea at first, but their prices could turn you off. However, cost should not stop you from investing in high-quality natural gas compressors when you can consider used goods that are still in good working condition. You can reduce your capital expenses by considering used natural gas compressors for sale, and when you buy from a reputable retailer, you can be confident in getting the right product that will suit your needs in the long run. Here are more things you should know about a used natural gas compressor:

  • Explore the seller’s inventory – Once you have found the right retailer of used natural gas compressors for sale, take a look at their selection of products and determine each of their working life and their age. Large industries typically phase out aging equipment as an aspect of the production cycle, but that does not mean that the products have stopped working. In most cases, they are still in good working condition with a reasonably healthy duty cycle.
  • Identify the history of the equipment – Find out how it had been used and its previous operating environment, as these factors can determine how efficient the equipment can still be. Well-maintained natural gas compressors will continue to function efficiently, even if you buy them as used goods.
  • Get to know the work done on them – Reputable providers of used natural gas compressors for sale perform a thorough inspection and testing on the equipment they acquire before adding them to their inventory. Moreover, they service the equipment to ensure efficient performance and reliability for a much longer period of time.
  • Ensuring their efficiency – Proven analytical methods are used for measuring compression efficiency. Depending on the compression being utilized, you can determine the efficiency by looking at various factors, like suction pressure, gas composition, gas pressures, temperature, and gas volume flow rate. This way, you can effectively assess the used equipment’s working efficiency.
  • Warranties and guarantees – Even if you are buying a second-hand product, you should still check if there are warranties and guarantees backing the used natural gas compressors for sale.

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Ironline Compression is a leading provider of gas compression solutions and mechanical services to the Canadian energy industry. Ironline Compression understands the needs of a challenging and evolving industry. With over 70 years of experience in the Canadian energy sector, Ironline provides an unmatched experience and expertise in the gas compression market. Ironline has the capabilities and vision to safely deliver quality products, services, and solutions – on time and budget.

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11 Dec 2018

By Tim Kelley
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