Know About Jennifer Curtis Jewelries and Its Various Designs

The best Navajo jewelry designs are those that have developed from years of exposure to the craft of jewelry making and local traditions. Jennifer Curtis was born to follow in the footsteps of her jewelry-maker folks. According to her, much of what she knows about Navajo jewelry making, she learned from her dad. Her father—Thomas Curtis, Sr—is a well-respected and award-winning silversmith who would always stress the importance of quality, patience, perseverance, and tolerance when it comes to designing and making jewelry.

Born and raised surrounded by Navajo culture, Jennifer’s younger years is well steeped in the tradition of jewelry making. At a very young age of 8, she would hang around her father’s workbench to help him with his jewelry work. Her young hands were skilled enough to assist with the polishing, buffing, and filling of jewelry components, among many other tasks. She went on to build her own art career in her 20s, during which she was able to develop the unique contemporary style of jewelry design she is best known for. Her style is grounded in age-old traditions and jewelry making techniques such as stamping, hand-hammering, and the utilization of heavy-gauge metal.

Her inspiration comes mainly from the Dinetah (Navajo homeland) and her family traditions. The rug designs that she etches, according to her, comes from her beloved grandmother’s weaving. The symbols she uses are hugely inspired by the landscape that she grew up surrounded with, such as images of clouds and canyons. Jennifer is most popular for her wine goblet, silver vessel, and bracelet designs, although she also makes a lot of buckles, rings, and earrings in her unique contemporary style. Recently, she added new elements of inlay and gold work to her ever-growing list of design styles. Besides her father, her work is also highly influenced by other well-known jewelers like Raymond Yazzie and Sonwai.

Jennifer’s unique bond with the elements and materials she works with strengthens her love for jewelry-making. Add to this the competitive side to her work, which also fuels her drive to meet all challenges and improve on her creativity. All these have helped her garner numerous awards for her designs since the early 1990s. She cares much about her art, which is a huge part of why avid fans and collectors go after her work. She considers her pieces to be as personal as a handshake between her and her clients.

About the Company:

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21 Jun 2018

By Josh Chaney
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