Keeping Your Stucco EIFS Looking Good

Versatile and attractive, stucco EIFS are popular choices for office buildings, hi rises and other commercial buildings. But they need maintenance to remain in top condition. From stucco EIFS crack repairs to water damage, here are the top three things these cladding materials need to stay in top condition. 


Repeated cycles of rain and snow can limit drying opportunity in many climates across the country. This type of weather-related moisture can slowly accumulate, leading to mold, fungi and even decay. This is just one reason stucco EIFS crack restoration is critical at the first sign of compromise. 

Puncture Prevention 

Around windows and doors especially, stucco EIFS are vulnerable to punctures. These can come from pipes, fasteners and other building materials. The result can be reduced energy efficiency or often, a direct route for moisture to seep in and cause the slow erosion mentioned above. 

Improper Installation 

Too often, stucco EIFS were not properly installed from the get go. This includes stucco applied to flat surfaces. The result is poor drainage, and the beginning of a devastating water erosion cycle.

Stucco EIFS have proven popular in years past and are found on buildings around the country. If yours is one of them, take steps to prevent water, perform timely stucco EIFS crack repairs or simply get an evaluation by a professional to keep your building in top shape.


About Adriatic Restoration

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02 May 2019

By Allisa Harris
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