Investment Opportunities

What to Look for in Prospective Investments

If you have experience in the investments world, you know that investment opportunities for accredited investors are not hard to find. What is hard to find, however, is the opportunity with the greatest risk and reward ratio. Identifying the right types of investments is never as simple as the success of the industry a given company is a part of. There are seemingly innumerable factors that can affect a company’s potential for growth. The following guide will provide you with a framework that will inform your decisions and help you find the best investments for accredited investors.

Inform Yourself on Various Investment Types

Whether you’re just beginning to search for investment opportunities for accredited investors or you’re a hardened veteran, there is always something new to learn. The investing world is a vast database of information and one person couldn’t possibly know everything there is to learn. It’s good to constantly be on the lookout for new books to read, review the different types of investments such as bonds, investment allocations, ETFs, mutual funds, and so on. Remember that Warren Buffet once said, “If it’s too hard to understand, maybe I shouldn’t invest in it.”

Look for Founders With Vision

Finding the right investment opportunities for accredited investors isn’t always about the company itself. A lot of the time, it has to do with the people behind it. Anyone with a basic understanding of code and web design could have founded Facebook, but Mark Zuckerburg’s unique vision is what made it stand out among the horde of other social media platforms. Look for founders who are product visionaries. Some founders have that X factor that helps them visualize the potential success of their product or service, so it’s them you should be looking for.

Don’t Try to Beat the Market

Part of the reason why index funds are so successful is because they aren’t trying to beat the market. They’re simply participating in it. When you try to beat the market rather than participate, you will almost always underperform. Your desire to beat the market will usually result in you buying and selling at less than optimal times, rather than going with the natural flow of the economy.

Find an Online Platform That Works for You

There are countless ways to take advantage of investment opportunities for accredited investors, but online investment platforms can often be the most helpful and convenient. There are nearly countless platforms to choose from. Most if not all require that you are an accredited investor. Many will even offer an investor kit, filled with tools to help you invest wisely and regularly.

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19 Jul 2017

By Howard Ng
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