Indulge in a Life Changing Experience with Power Yoga

Power Yoga is creating quite a buzz in the world today. With myriad promises of enhancing stamina, strength and flexibility, controlling stress as well as boosting energy, it is emerging as one of the most coveted yoga forms.

The concept earned acclaim in the mid 90s, when Bryan Kest and Beryl Bender Birch- the two Americans trained under Ashtanga Guru K. Pattabhi made an attempt to create a genre that would be a breakaway from the conventional rigidity of the Ashtanga sequence, as well as, ideal for westerners.  One on the lookout for a vigorous, fitness-based approach can adopt the style- also referred to as gym- yoga. Coming from a female yoga teacher, this Vinyasa practice earns way more credibility considering its ability to rejuvenate in spite of hardcore cardiovascular indulgence.

It is extremely essential to be aware of certain core ideas associated with power yoga before one decides upon going ahead with a session:

  1. It is an fast and intense workout regime. Being an integral form of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga, it follows a series of similar poses holding each for five breaths, for completing a Vinyasa.
  2. Power Yoga is one of the most interesting forms of strength training which requires one to be in control of the body by holding its weight constantly. Involving a series of Vinyasas and Chaturangas, it gears up the body wholly, often exhausting you with the sweat and burn.
  3. Post workout, one definitely feels energized as well as rejuvenated. The body definitely experiences a new level of flexibility that is barely offered by other forms of yoga or hardcore exercising.

Female Yoga Teachers are often heard advising, it is power yoga that works best for a women aiming to shed some extra pound and maintain a fitness level that keeps her energized for the extensive daily chores she is expected to serve.

The ultimate mantra is to sweat it out in order to reap spectacular benefits as gyms and health clubs invariably promise.

  • Power Yoga burns a substantial amount of calories
  • Improves Nerve Impulses as well as bloodflow
  • It tones the core, thus strengthening the body from within
  • Metabolism invariably experiences a boost
  • Relieves you from anxiety and stress, letting the body relax
  • Most inspiringly it activates even the dormant muscles

An amalgam of the properties of rigorous aerobics, traditional yoga as well as a cardio session, Power Yoga is an evolving modern form that is gaining popularity by the day.

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13 Aug 2018

By Mr. Amir Nair
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