How You Can Use Light Up Jump Rope for Exercises and Playtime

Jump rope is not merely for kids—it can be an essential aspect of your fitness program, especially if you want to make your exercise routines less boring and more fun. For a whimsical flair, consider using a light up jump rope to make your fitness routine seem easy as if you are merely engaged in playtime. makes the best light up skipping rope, made from bright 1/4" (6mm.) thick side glow fiber optic rope. Check out these ideas for using a light up jump rope: 

  • Burn calories with it – Jumping rope is a cardio exercise that could help you burn 10 to 16 calories per minute, even with very moderate jumps. Doing three 10-minute rounds could make you burn around 480 calories in 30 minutes. Using the skipping rope for 10 minutes is like running an eight-minute mile. 
  • Boost bone density – Compared to running, jumping rope has a lesser impact on your legs, which absorb the impact from every jump. By using a light up a jump rope, you can enjoy a medium-impact exercise that may enhance the density of your bones. 
  • Improve agility and quickness – Use the light up jump rope daily, even for a few minutes to develop a reflex that can make you lighter on your feet. Since jumping makes you use the balls of your feet, the body links with your mind to create neural muscular adjustments for balance. This way, the light up jump rope may improve your coordination, quickness, and balance, as well as your focus, even when you are not aware of it. This can be beneficial if you are into boxing or mixed martial arts. 
  • Boost brain health – The show of lights and the exercise that comes with using the light up jump rope can entertain your mind while releasing endorphins, which can make you feel happy. The jumps impact your brain’s cognitive functioning, too, as they involve strategy, rhythm, and coordination. Doing tricks with the skipping rope can further add challenge to your routine and stimulate your brain. 
  • Encourage others to jump with you – Light up jump rope exercises are fun and colorful, and they may help you encourage your friends and kids to exercise, too. 

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11 Mar 2018

By Light Up and Juggle
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