How IoT and Smart Office applications can improve productivity

Apart from spending hours on your smartphone, there are many obvious ways by which technologies penetrate every part of our lives. From wearables, beacons, and different sensors, to smart home appliances; there are many connected things we interact with consistently.

IoT is turned out to be progressively well known due to its ease of use and the comfort it can offer. This means that there is a subsequent demand for mobile app development companies, which are developing mobile apps for such devices and includes monitoring systems for both SMBs and enterprises, navigation, computing, and so much more.

In an office setting, everything counts. Installing features so as to influence office space smartly can be considered as one of the many responsibilities of Internet of Things (IoT). As per the latest report from IoT theindicated size of the smart office market is consistently growing, adding up to $22.21 billion in 2017 and By 2023, it is expected to double reaching $46.11 billion.

There are great reasons for the adoption of smart office technologies. By utilizing IoT in place of office, you can build work environment efficiency, streamline ordinary tasks, and make a more secure, more comfortable workplace for your employees. 

Here are some extra IoT improvement bits of knowledge.

Smart Office

A smart office is a workplace hooked up via smart devices to the Internet. It makes up an Intelligent ecosystem in which mulitple devices are so connected in order to monitor, control and manage various office conditions easily.

IoT for a Smart Office: Use Cases and Examples

The smart office market is still young, regardless of steady growth and a general sense of monstrous potential. The IoT office application is being outpaced by the other industries benefiting from the use of IoT solutions, including health and fitness, home automation, and also retail and stock management.  

The IoT ideas which can be advanced right from the beginning, can help in assisting the visitors with management and access control.

Some of the best ways  by which smart office adds to better productivity are:

Energy consumption

Despite the type of connection behind the IoT product, minimizing power use can be a challenge. However, it is also critical to keep energy and components costs under control. Using IoT in the office one can make your business more energy efficient.  Its makes office spaces smart enough to recognize a change in a specific space and automatically turn off appliances that are not being used. This cuts down on electricity charges subsequently eliminating luxurious utility costs. 

Safer Workplace

It is mandatory to have security automation devices and solutions that can eliminate your worries in office. Surveillance cameras, smart locks, and various sensors are the most popular one which are in use in  cases for IoT in office spaces.  Furthermore, you can eliminate the outdated pass system,  and replace physical badges with digital ones. Along these lines, all you require is your smartphone with the installed application to clock in or out. The same applies to guest administration and access control.

Environmental Control

Smart thermostats such as Nest or any of the Honeywell products can be used for ideal temperature. This makes the workplace sufficiently comfortable for employees and they never get distracted.  A comfortable workplace subsequently aids focus and efficiency, which thusly achieve improved profitability. In addition, it saves energy, just like IoT lighting solutions.

Communication and Collaboration

IoT-enabled conference rooms open up a wide variety of chances to simplify a number of tasks, particularly occupancy management through scheduling systems. The advantages of using the smart scheduling systems is that it makes office life easier and also, it solves the problem of space management and coordination.

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09 Aug 2018

By Amirah
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