Hermetic Seals Are Everywhere

You're probably more than familiar with the applications of hermetic seals in your own industry. However, as any expert will tell you, these components have a wide variety of applications that touches nearly every industry. Here are a few examples. Keep an eye out for your own business.


Tight seals are a must for many of the solutions that make human flight safe, effective and the engineering model that's taken humanity to the stars. A good example of hermetic sealing in the airline industry is in flight data recorders. The black box needs a completely protected environment to keep its information secure.

Electronics and Photonics

Lasers need an array of hermetic components to keep them precise and effective. Optic packages of all kinds contain various feedthroughs and seals.


Hermetic seals are featured in oxygen sensors and airbag parts necessary in modern vehicles. This technology contributes to keeping drivers safe, reducing harmful emissions and providing maximum fuel efficiency.


The energy sector uses hermetic sealing in many ways. From power generation technology to fuel sourcing, there are many situations where things need to be sealed up tightly.

If you don't see your industry up here, that doesn't mean it's not important. There are specific applications for medical, defense and many other sectors in addition to those mentioned here. Contact a hermetic seal manufacturer for a personal consultation.

About Complete Hermetics

A manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs

Complete Hermetics is a custom manufacturer of glass-to-metal, ceramic-to-metal, hermetic seals and feedthroughs. Our team has a wide range of knowledge to design and develop the hermetic connectors, hermetic packages, hermetic headers, vacuum viewports, hermetic seals and hermetic feedthroughs to fit your specifications.

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23 Aug 2017

By Bob Davidson
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