Hermetic Feedthrough and Seal Components

Creating secure, stable, and dependably airtight environments is a concern common to many high-tech environments, including laboratories and manufacturing workshops. Preventing the escape of gas through passages ensures proper equipment function and dependable results. Technicians have to select equipment components carefully to ensure that each system operates at the highest standard. Complete Hermetics specializes in developing seals and hermetic feedthroughs that allow for the penetration of a pressurized housing or bulhead surrounding equipment.


Components for Every System

 Complete Hermetics has made hermetic feedthrough(s) and seals for:

  •  Glass-to-metal systems
  • Ceramic-to-metal systems
  • Electrical elements


This broad assortment of components is made possible by working closely with each one of our clients. The concerns affecting the people we serve are taken seriously and our skillful engineers are able to develop solutions to the most challenging circumstances. No matter what type of hermetic feedthroughs or seals you might require, we can help.


High-Quality Components Are Our Specialty

 We understand that the performance of a system depends in large part on the components that make it. Complete Hermetics utilizes all industry standards to develop products that are capable of performing reliably under standard conditions. We are happy to answer questions about our processes and the performance parameters of our many products; contact us today to speak with an associate.


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17 Feb 2017

By Michael Loraine
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