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5 Yoga Techniques Effective For Your Lower Back Pain Relief

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There is no any other pain like lower back pain that one can experience. Sure you can see doctor for lower back pain relief or find good chiropractor for lower back pain treatment, but it will take long time to take effect.... Read full article


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Do you suffer from Sciatica or Disc Herniation ? Use World Best Portable free Standing Pull up Bar By khanh trinh, ALL FOR YOUR HEALTH MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER... Read full article

Chin up bar The Gym you only need

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Everyone here has dream of favourite biceps that remain particularly close to heart. it doesn't matter how old and wiser you are, or how sincerely you perform your "functional fitness", deep in heart you guys really loves when it comes to biceps curl... Read full article

Spinal Problems Treatment By using Free standing Pull up Bar


KT free standing pull up bar is designed and manufactured by khan Trinh which is leading source and specialised in making and distribution of high quality unique fitness equipment for home. Free standing pull up bar is designed for ease of use and it... Read full article

Most Recommended Exercise Equipment of 2018

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Have you decided to visit the market to buy new product for exercise and healthy life. we all know that there is tons of fitness product in market and you will also find that most of fitness product has high cost. ... Read full article

Free standing pull up bar

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Our free standing pull up bar is solid and stable, it has a good force-bearing capacity and very low vibration during exercising.... Read full article

Improve your workout Exercise with free standing pull up bar


Whatever it is Whether pro-athlete or your weekend fitness warrior, Our Free standing pull up bar will definitely improve your workout Exercise. ... Read full article

Why Chin Up Bar is Important?

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When your gym is packed and there's no way to use your usual equipment, head to the chin up bar.... Read full article

How to Use Free Standing Pull Up Bar?


The Free standing pull up bar and chin up bar are one of the most adaptable and effective pieces of home kit we can buy.... Read full article


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In thi approach the exercise that you will be doing is a basic move that you always knew, but it is a chance that you wont be knowing its benefit in curing the sciatic pain. ... Read full article