Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

It is common for those who are suffering from the accelerated loss of hair to search for some miracle hair loss treatment to stem the follicle fall. Hair Illusion understands the struggle for men and women to find a solution that will not harm their bodies and looks like the real thing. There are many kinds of treatments that try to fix the chemical or hormonal causes of hair loss. While you are searching for that permanent fix, we can help with an all-natural cosmetic solution.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Illusion ProductHair Illusion is 100% natural human hair — that’s it. The cosmetic treatment process is easy and takes very little time as you become more adept at application. You simply spritz the area of application with some water or hair spray, then spray it on. The hair spray will help it to stay in place more securely and for longer periods of time. Advantages to using this type of all-natural solution include that it:

  • Does not interfere with medications
  • Does not stain
  • Does not fall off from rain or perspiration
  • Lasts for days or until you wash with shampoo
  • Works with ethnic hair
  • Can be used for facial hair
  • Is available in a variety of colors to look like your real hair

There are many other hair loss concealers on the market that use added ingredients such as cotton and rayon. Our product is 100% natural without any dyed synthetic ingredients. We are not a paint or polish; we’re real hair to give you a real look. We are safe to use no matter what prescriptions you are currently taking. You can even ask your surgeon about use after the scab phase of follicle implants.

We Can Help

order-nowWe know what a blow to your confidence the loss of your hair can be. We know that there are many men and women out there facing this struggle every day. Hair Illusion can help by providing you with 100% natural hair loss treatment. To place an order or learn more, contact us at (330) 926-8500.

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28 May 2015

By Hair Illusion
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