New Product of Hair Illusion: Nothing looks more natural, period

Hair Illusion, a company that creates hair loss solutions for men and women, announces the launch of a new hair concealment product. Crafted from real human hair, Hair Illusion turns a balding area into a full head of hair within minutes. People seeking hair loss solutions for women and men can use Hair Illusion with other products and after surgical hair procedures.

Hair Illusion, a leader in hair loss solutions for women and men is pleased to release a new hair concealer. The new concealer, also named Hair Illusion, is designed to use solo or in conjunction with hair transplants and other products. It can be applied in minutes and, unlike other hair loss solutions for men, creates the illusion that the person has a head of natural hair.


Hair loss affects an estimated 35 million men and 21 million women here in the United States. For men, aged 35, 40 percent of them have experienced some form of hair loss and that number increases to 65 percent as they near the age of 60. For women, 80 percent will struggle with thinning hair and hair loss by the time they are 60. While there are many hair loss solutions for men and women, they are based on chemicals and man-made ingredients like cotton.

Hair Illusion ProductHair Illusion differs from these products in that it is the only non-surgical solution for thin and balding conditions that is made from real human hair fibers. The product can be self-applied within one to five minutes and is completely undetectable. Additional benefits of using Hair Illusion involve the following:

  • There are no synthetic hair dyes or chemicals
  • It can be combed with a wide toothed comb or a person's fingers
  • Hair Illusion bonds to the head with static electricity, 
  • Stays in place until the user washes it out with regular shampoo.
  • Works with ethnic hair
  • Works on mustaches and beards


The product comes in 5 different hair color shades: blonde, dark blond, auburn, light brown, brown, dark brown, black and jet black. Due to the fact that it is created out of real hair, people can use the concealer while taking hair loss solutions for women and men like Propecia and Rogaine.


Those who have already tried Hair Illusion rave about the results they have received. Mike M. from Florida states: "Hair Illusion was my savior to going out with my balding hair. I didn't want a hair transplant or a hair weave. I didn't want to shave it bald. Rogaine worked for a little while. My permanent fix was this cosmetic product that I can take with me while I travel."


People who buy Hair Illusion receive a 100 percent money-back guarantee within 30 days after receiving it. To learn more about Hair Illusion and how it works, please go to

About Hair Illusion

Hair Illusion is the creation of Ronnie Passariello, who struggled with early hair loss. After trying a wide variety of products that did not work, he found a hair concealer that did the job. Knowing that he could improve upon the success of the concealer, he decided to create his own product using only natural hair. The product is designed to work with all hair types and with other hair loss products. For more information, please visit

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10 Jun 2017

By Hair Illusion
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