Green Malay or White Thai: Which Kratom Is Better?


Before we talk about Green Malay or White Thai Kratom, let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about these strains. Well, decades back, people didn’t have many strains or varieties. Not many people know about kratom only. Mitragyna Speciosa herb or kratom comes from the tropical nations of South East Asia like Sumatra, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. It’s a household name there, but people beyond those boundaries was unaware of it. Over time with the growth of trade and commerce, people started exporting it to other parts of the globe. Since then, kratom has evolved so much.

Earlier, there weren’t strains. It was mostly Bali then which kratom-lovers used to refer as kratom in whole. It grows in Borneo and shipped via Bali which is why it is named so. Presently, depending on the location of the trees from which kratom products are prepared and the leaves’ vein color they are divided into several strains of variants. Today, we have Maeng da, Thai, Indo, Malay apart from Bali. Recently, two new strains have created a big buzz in the community. They are Green Malay and White Thai kratom. Kratom-lovers have welcomed both of them with open arms, but do they deserve all your affection? In this post, we are going to find out that?


As the name suggests it, it originates in the jungles of Malaysia. Locally, it is identified as ‘Keetum.’ The Malay kratom trees have a natural oval-shaped leaf. They are known to have a very high density of biochemical compound content.

For this reason, the leaves are dark green in the shade. The Malay kratom comes in three different vein colors -red, green and white. Out of the three, green-vein is more effective, and thus, more liked by all.


Born in the wild tropical forests of Thailand, this kratom strain has impressed many in no time. Thai kratom, too got three sub-strains; green, red and white. The latter is accepted as the most potent and effective than the rest two. Moreover, it has an exclusive composition of biochemical compounds which make it unique. It is seen to be effective to serve more purposes than Green Malay.


Which One Is Better?

It is a very tricky question to answer. In fact, there is no definite answer to it. One may find Green Malay batter while others find White Thai more amazing. Well, that is what others say. We suggest you to not to go by what others’ words and decide it for yourself. Many kratom vendors offer samples of their products – try them before investing in a bulk purchase.

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15 May 2019

By kraven kratom
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