Find The Perfect Blonde Highlights in Singapore Salon

Factors such as how dark your own natural hair color is, along with your willingness to keep your blonde tresses, will help you figure out which blonde color is best for you and your skin tone. Here at Yann Beyrie Salon, we've the knowldege and skill that will assist you attain any color your heart needs, for instance, perfect blonde! We have rounded up a list of the most well-known colors of blonde highlights which are trending this season, and we cannot wait to assist you to try one.

Rich Gold: Just opposite of the trendy platinum blonde look, this color of blonde is warmth, thickness and depth. This color complements dull skin tones and is a fantastic way to take your blonde from summer to fall.

Ash Blonde: As Compared to the color Rich Gold, ash blonde is on the cool side of the color spectrum and can be ultra flattering on many skin tones. This shade of blonde is having a significant moment: you can check at Instagram and Pinterest and also you won't get very far without seeing it somewhere! It seems great all-over, as highlights, as well as an ombre. It's quite tough to go wrong with this trendy woman color.

Rose Blonde: This shade is really a stunning, it is a blend of blonde and strawberry to make a perfectly peachy appearance. It works nicely on both dark and light foundation colors, developing a color that flatters all skin tones and turns heads wherever you go!

Beach Blonde: Summer is completely over, but beachy hair look is not going anywhere! Add stunning honey highlights into your waves and you will look just like you stepped off the beaches of your favorite sea escape.

High Contrast ombre: This shade is on the lower maintenance side, this appearance will have more wearability on account of the simple fact your roots are assumed to become darker! Your hairstylist can help you pick the shade that makes it possible to attain the amount of comparison which you need while grabbing major second glances.

Are you prepared to accomplish your perfect blonde? Come in to Yann Beyrie Salon Orchard Road, Singapore and allow us to be at your service. We're dedicated to fulfilling all of your beauty needs. Schedule a appointment now !!

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21 Nov 2018

By Yann Beyrie
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