Do’s and Don’ts of Making an Amazing Explainer Video

Explainer videos make great introduction and audience engagement tools. Whether you want to make your business known, explain a service, introduce a new product, or provide important information to your own employees, these videos create a strong impact on audiences because of their entertaining and highly informative nature. The fact that animation is a natural complement to explainer videos makes this medium instantly interesting and engaging. Done right, a powerful explainer video can help you drive inbound traffic, increase sales, and create greater brand awareness for your business. If you want to create an amazing explainer video, keep in mind the following dos and don’ts: 

What to do: 

  • Focus on your audience’s problem. Potential customers will most likely come across your explainer with a problem and even when they are not aware of it yet, your explainer video should make them realize the need and show them that your company is willing to solve that problem for them. By telling your audience a story they can relate to, you can capture their interest right away and compel them to watch further.
  • Brand the video. Encourage brand recognition by using style and colors that are representative of your brand. Your explainer is an excellent opportunity to put a face on your company and showcase what you are and what you can do in the best light.
  • Keep things short and sweet and make sure to place a clear-cut call-to-action. People in the tech age have steadily decreasing attention spans. If you are not able to capture their interest fast, it will be easy to lose them to a cat meme. The best explainers never go beyond two minutes, including a clear marketing objective in the form of a direct call-to-action for audiences to follow up on. 

What not to do: 

  • Hard-sell ads no longer sell. What people look for nowadays is content that is useful and valuable. Instead of shoving your brand or product down people’s throat, identify their problem and provide a solution with a subtle advertisement of your product or service. This way, you are putting a product in their faces without being pushy, all while trying to be sincerely helpful.
  • Don’t try to explain everything and refrain from using jargon. Sometimes, it can be difficult to cram every aspect of your service or product into a very short feature. The key is identifying your most important selling points and avoiding jargon that you will also likely need to explain within the video, stealing away precious seconds from your actual message and call-to-action. 

About The Company: 

Broadcast2World is a fun group of diverse personalities complimenting each other since the past 9 years to become the world's largest producers of explainer videos. We do so by telling memorable stories which empathize, educate, inspire and connect individuals, organizations, and governments. We have produced more than 300,000+ seconds of handcrafted video content till date, and what drives us forward is our undying passion for the art and science of telling animated visual stories.

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11 Oct 2017

By Broadcast 2world
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