Differences Between Natural BCAA And Other BCAA Pre Workout Drinks

Discerning athletes and health-conscious individuals routinely take pre-workout supplements and drinks to give them the boost they need. Not only will these products give them sustainable energy throughout their workout—they also provide essential proteins that will aid in muscle regeneration and in preventing fatigue. You can get the same advantages when you choose a high-quality vegan BCAA with ingredients derived from non-GMO plants.

There are different kinds of amino acids, nine of them are essential to overall functioning of the body. Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) are essential amino acids and account for 33 percent of all protein found muscle tissue. A conventional BCAA pre-workout drink may feed your body with the sustainable energy and essential proteins to spare muscle tissue and to help the muscles repair and heal themselves after exercise. However, you might be concerned with the quality of the ingredients found in them, as they are usually loaded with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. In addition, the protein is typically sourced from unsavory animal parts. For this reason, health-conscious individuals turn to a natural BCAA supplement.

Both animals and plants can supply BCAAs, and for a long time, the industry has sourced from swine and animal feathers, hair, and fur. However, those sources were treated and cleaned with harsh acids and chemicals to extract those amino acids. Plant-based BCAAs come from corn or soy, and the best ones come from non-GMO farms seeking to eliminate pesticides like glyphosate used in genetically modified corn and soy production. Corn has become a better source for BCAA, as it is unlike soy, which some people are allergic to. The vegan BCAA can be the best pre-workout supplement as it stimulates protein synthesis necessary for effective workout endurance and recovery.

You can do your body good by choosing a plant-based natural BCAA supplement. A great choice for pre-workout or intra-workout supplementation, it will not give you anything artificial and it can be mixed with your favorite pre-workout drinks or just plain old H2O. After intense physical activity, you will find that the supplement can help in decreasing muscle soreness. Just be sure to buy this vegan BCAA from a credible manufacturer and retailer of natural supplements and protein powders. 

About the Author:

Joanne Tull, former Fitness America, Fitness Canada and Fitness Universe finalist. Joanne is a Co-Founder of Nutrology, the naturally based sports nutrition company that has innovated clean label nutritional products used by thousands of athletes, including elites in the NFL, MLB, NHL and Professional Boxing. Having appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports and TSN after finishing a storied athletic career as a state champion, collegiate and national level gymnast. Joanne’s common-sense approach to nutrition will educate and motivate people on how to live a healthy lifestyle while balancing career, kids and fitness goals.

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08 Nov 2018

By Joanne Tull
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