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Diamond Engagement Rings Sales in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

by Beverly Hills Jewelers on

Diamond Engagement Rings Sales in Los Angeles, CA Are you looking for diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles? Finding the perfect engagement ring is never easy. Choosing the perfect engagement ring in Los Angeles is a daunting journey...... Read full article

Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring - 2 Reasons To Choose


The cushion-cut diamond was one of the most popular shapes during the 1800s. The shape combines radiant and oval cuts to create a rectangular diamond with slightly rounded edges. The numerous facets and soft reflection of this cut give it a vintage..... Read full article

The Recent Return to Handmade Products


Olivia Ewing Jewelry | Nature-inspired locally and ethically produced, handcrafted wedding and fine jewelry cast from twigs, bark, feathers and other natural elements. ... Read full article

Speaking the Universal Language of Diamonds by BHJewelers


Buying an engagement ring is a big enough purchase to make anyone’s hands shaky. If you are a novice buyer speaking the 4Cs can make your first foray into the world of diamonds a little more confident.... Read full article

Customized Hand Stamped Necklaces for Mom


Every human being, especially females, loves to be adorned with jewelry. ... Read full article

Outstanding Arland Ben Jewelry

by Turquoise Direct on

Arland Ben is considered to be one of the masters of contemporary Native American jewelry. ... Read full article

Rebecca Begay: A Great Navajo Jewelry Artist

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Even at an early age, Rebecca Begay aspired to become an artist.... Read full article

Create a Unique Design with Halo Diamond Engagement Rings


It’s time to find the perfect ring. Whether you are shopping alone or together, you likely want something that will truly wow.With subtle rings of complementary stones, halo diamond engagement rings can give you just the pop you want.... Read full article

Getting Engaged on a Budget


Love doesn’t always wait for you to get enough money saved first. Luckily, there are ways to cut costs and still get a cheap engagement ring your future fiancé will love.... Read full article

Understanding the 4Cs of Diamond Jewelry


Shopping for diamond jewelry means thinking about the 4Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Before making your jewelry purchase, be sure you understand what each of these qualities means and the spectrum of value within each one. ... Read full article