Coral Bracelets by Wes Willie: Add Depth and Texture to Your Jewelry

Native American bracelets are merely fashion statements—they can be valuable collectibles, too. In fact, having one or more pieces of Native American bracelets in your collection will make it more interesting and highly valuable. Some can become heirloom pieces that you can pass down to the next generation. Are you interested in investing in such pieces? Coral bracelets by Wes Willie are worthy additions to your jewelry collection. Wes Willie personally makes his bracelets by hand. His designs are innovative; they stand out with his use of only the highest-quality materials that represent nature.

Coral bracelets by Wes Willie reflect his taste and skill in color composition, metalwork, and fine lapidary. Because he lends each piece a completely unique design, each bracelet is a work of art. Wes Willie’s ability to find rare gems (like coral) and his talent for coming up with innovative designs make his pieces highly valued by avid collectors of Native American jewelry around the world. He can make custom pieces to suit your unique preferences as well. Get in touch with a reputable dealer of Native American jewelry if you would like to order a custom Wes Willie bracelet

One of Wes Willie’s best creations features a rare gem-grade Mediterranean coral. It is the centerpiece of a solid 14K gold over sterling silver cuff, which is shaped to look like lightning. Considered as one of the finest coral bracelets in the Native American jewelry industry, the product showcases his fine lapidary work with custom cut oxblood red coral cabochons adorning the masterpiece. The deep red hue proves that the coral he used is the finest grade there is. Wes Willie produced a thick cut on the stone, interspersed with seven bright gold inserts, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will add depth and texture to your jewelry collection.

If you are thinking of buying coral bracelets by Wes Willie, be sure that it comes from a reputable and well-established retailer of Native American jewelry. Authentic Wes Willie bracelets will come with his signature carved on the inside, and a certificate of authenticity to assure you of his name, tribal affiliation, retail value of the bracelet, and the materials he used.

About the Company:

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10 Apr 2018

By Turquoise Direct
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