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So you’re looking for a new phone system and are probably asking yourself these questions: What kind of system do I need?  How much will it cost?  How will I manage and support it?



Technology has evolved.  Gone are the days of simply picking up a phone and talking to someone on the other line.  Today, for the same costs (and often less), Unified Communications (UC) technology incorporates voice, video, unified messaging, instant messaging, smartphone integration, web collaboration and many other capabilities all running over a single network to make your workers more efficient and productive.  Virtually all new solutions today are VoIP or UC solutions.



Should you purchase or lease a new PBX system on-premise, for your office?  Or should you use a hosted VoIP provider on a subscription basis?  The following is a typical comparison:


  • More reliable
  • Higher cost
  • Harder to implement/support
  • Less flexible
  • More expensive to manage


  • Less reliability
  • Lower cost
  • Quicker implementation
  • More features
  • Better management (depends on the vendor)

On paper, therefore, hosted VoIP solutions are a much better choice for small businesses due to the cost savings, flexibility and included features/capabilities.

In reality, however, this is not the case. 

Due to the relative instability of Internet connections, the benefits of hosted VoIP are nullified in the event of an Internet outage.  These outages can be crippling to your business and hosted VoIP providers do not have an answer to this…



Cloud UC is an evolution in PBX technology that allows the expensive PBX equipment to be hosted in the Cloud rather than being traditionally installed on-premise, at your office.

If yours is a small business with at least 25 employees, there’s a good chance you have multiple offices.  Additionally, some of your executives may telecommute from home and your sales people may be out in the field.  In this scenario, having a single phone system centralized in the Cloud is an ideal way to address your business communication needs.  This will prevent you from having to purchase and manage multiple phone systems at each office (thereby lowering costs) and will also unify your business into a single communications infrastructure.

Additionally, with UC, your employees, home users and teleworkers can take advantage of communications enhancements such as a single number for your desk phone and mobile phone, voicemail-to-email, instant messaging, and extension dialing other employees no matter where they are, to name a few.




Cloud Hybrid UC takes regular Cloud UC even further by combining the best elements of hosted PBX and on-premise PBX to address the unreliability of the Internet (aka “Cloud”) all while decreasing costs due to not having to purchase expensive equipment.



CHUCS is our Cloud Hybrid Unified Communications Solution, and is superior to our Cloud-only competitors in virtually every way.  You choose how much is hosted and how much is on-premise.  From dial-tone, to equipment, to connectivity, to infrastructure, we can accommodate virtually any business requirement, from small to large.  Our solution is custom-tailored to your specific needs and budget, no matter what your situation.  Our certified IT staff works with you throughout the on-boarding process and continues to manage and support you after you’re up and running.

At NexCloud, the Cloud Division of Ubisec, we take a quality-first approach to delivering business communications solutions, because at the end of the day, it all just needs to work.  Only NexCloud is able to deliver a hybrid business communications solution with on-premise reliability at the cost of hosted.

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01 Jan 2018

By Ubisec Systems
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