Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) defines a method for carrying voice calls over an IP network, including the digitization and packetization of voice streams. Cisco VoIP utilizes industry standards to create a telephone system where higher-level features, such as advanced call routing, voice mail and contact centers, can be utilized.

Small business VoIP is garnering a lot of attention recently. In essence, it combines data and voice technology together on a single, secure and robust network foundation.



VoIP allows you to have your phone system running on an either your business or provider’s IP network. A small business VoIP system provides your business with an affordable, simplified, full-featured communications solution.

A unified communications system enhances VoIP by combining all your communications, from voice to data to video. For instance, a Cisco VoIP small business system can help your company save money in numerous ways:

  • You can reduce travel expenses by using video and web conferencing in addition to other collaboration tools.
  • The process is easy to move, add or change phone connections to accommodate a evolving and increasingly mobile workforce.
  • You will dramatically decrease phone charges, including long distance fees.
  • You can take advantage of many features, such as caller ID, voicemail and call forwarding, without paying extra fees.



When you make the change to a system utilizing small business VoIP technology, productivity increases by simplifying and combining your communication tools. Your data and voice networks are be more reliable and secure. Additionally, your employees can more readily access the business network, regardless of whether they work remotely or in the office. This increases methods for employees to stay connected and for your customers to more easily connect with your employees without experiencing the frustration of lengthy phone system menus or by being sent automatically to voicemail. Using this technology also enables you to quickly determine who on your staff is available and the best way to contact them.



To find the small business Cisco VoIP phone technology that is right for you, contact Ubisec Systems today at (714) 515-7000 opt. 2.

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10 Jun 2017

By Ubisec Systems
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