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Ever thought of getting a chess tutor for your child or perhaps yourself? But, enrolling in an actual chess school or joining a chess club proves impractical and inconvenient. You may keep thinking about all the time and money you will waste sitting in traffic just to get to your local chess group. This is the reason, online chess lessons become an attractive choice not only as it is convenient, but also for the flexibility that these kinds of learning options offer. Online chess tutors are not unlike your local chess master. They themselves, offer great expertise and knowledge when it comes to the game and are willing to impart what they know regardless whether you are a novice player or someone who wants to increase your ranking.

With an online chess tutor, you have all the freedom in the world to learn chess at your own pace. The programs that online chess schools offer can be tailored to your exact needs, from the lessons you will be given to the pace or rate at which your learning sessions would go. Every aspect of your chess learning will be according to what works the best for you, including when and where you want to learn. Perhaps one of the best things about online chess schooling is that you can take your lessons from the comfort of your own home. This means learning in a place where you are most comfortable and choosing a time within a day where you can optimize learning.  

Technology is a key component of online chess tutoring. Thanks to newer and more advanced technologies, a chess tutor can reach out to students in group or one-on-one settings. Live games can commence through specialized programs, along with teaching sessions aided by different kinds of applications designed to help students improve different skills needed to enhance their game play. Exercises can likewise be accessed outside of tutorial sessions along with all kinds of learning materials that students can use for self-study and practice. Online games are also great tools for honing chess skills, along with different kinds of applications designed to test memory, decision making, pattern recognition, and other such critical skills in playing chess.

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Albert Fishman is a chess master with decades of chess education experience. IChessU offers chess lessons given live by experienced world-class coaches and at flexible schedule. IChessU features variety of chess programs for any age or chess level, in private or group lessons. Scholarships are available.

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11 Jun 2018

By IchessU Online Chess School
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