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Online shopping has made the people's lives easier—no one can argue with that. But when it comes to buying perfume, online shopping can be a bit tricky. How can you be sure that you are getting the right scent without smelling it first? How will you know if the shop sells authentic and original Dior or Channel perfumes by just looking at their product photos? Worry not—these tips will guide you. 

  1. Answer an olfactory quiz.

To help you decide on your preferred fragrance, some online shops recommend that you take a scent or olfactory quiz. This can help reveal your olfactory preferences and personality, thereby allowing you to identify the types of fragrances you will most likely love. 

  1. Read the descriptions carefully.

The name of the perfume and the category it is in may not say it all. That's why you should read beyond the title and pay attention to the product description—including those seemingly pointless lines about emotions and sensations. They may look like nothing more than promotional words, but they can actually be helpful in your decision making. Fragrances can evoke emotional reactions. The way they are described in words can give you an idea about how they smell. 

  1. Understand the shop's policies. 

Payment options and shipping policies are some of the things that you must understand before making a purchase. Choose a shop that provides secure payment options. And if you are living outside the country where the shop is based, then make sure that they can deliver in your area, too. Find out what is included in your purchase, such as shipping fees and taxes. Lastly, find out how long do they often take to deliver orders. 

  1. Do some research.

The internet has everything you need to know about the brand of perfume as well as its scent. You can also easily search for details and reviews about the online shop you want to buy from. These days, it is easy to find out whether a product or a retailer is the right choice for you (or not). By reading reviews, you can gauge if the store is reputable or if a particular perfume will suit your taste. 

About the Author: 

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30 Apr 2018

By Björn Weber
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