Bitcoin Tumbler Service – Smart Bitcoin Strategies to Accumulate Online Transactions

A Bitcoin tumbler service also referred to as a Bitcoin mixing service is a cryptocurrency tumbling service that mixes tainted or potentially identifiable cryptocurrency funds with several others in an effort to obscure the trail leading back to its original source. Bitcoin tumblers aim to enhance the anonymity of cryptocurrencies (including those other than Bitcoin), since these currencies by nature, provide a public ledger of transaction histories within the network. 

The equivalent of reliable bitcoin tumbler services in traditional financial networks or systems would be the process of moving funds through banks that are located in foreign countries that have strict bank secrecy laws, like the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, or Panama. A tumbler service might take a percentage of the total amount of coins mixed as a transaction fee. Most services take between 1 and 3 percent—a worthwhile sacrifice if you want to protect the privacy of your funds. While mixing does help protect the privacy of Bitcoin users, it can also be used for purposes that are rather improper in nature, such as money laundering. Like in foreign banking, this is a fact of life when it comes to cryptocurrency mixing. This said, mixing large amounts of currency can be sometimes considered improper and a violation of laws pertaining to anti-structuring, which protects the merits of bitcoin tumbling. 

Moreover, peer-to-peer tumblers exist to fight against the disadvantages of more centralized models of tumbling. Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency tumbler services serve as a meeting place where bitcoin users can congregate instead of directly taking Bitcoins for tumbling. Users in effect, arrange the mixing by and among themselves, solving the issue of stealing and other problems related to obtaining Bitcoins, as they eliminate the need for a middleman. Different Bitcoin mixing services allow for a few Bitcoin users to form a bitcoin transaction and mixing within several steps. Only when the bitcoin mixing transaction is completely formed, the bitcoin exchange between the participants begin. None of the participants has the knowledge of the connection between the coins’ incoming and outgoing addresses, apart from the mixing server. The same operation can be carried out multiple times with varying recipients to further complicate the analysis of each transaction. Bitcoin tumbling or mixing is a wise strategy for increasing the anonymity and privacy of your Bitcoin transactions, but caution should always be practiced whenever choosing a mixing service to trust in order to make certain that your funds are safe within a particular network. 

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Ghost Mixer aims to provide bitcoin mixing service to their customers to mix their coins and attain anonymity in the process. Due to their immediate process transactions, you don’t need to worry about timely delivery of the coin. Through their bitcoin mixing service, you’ll be able to get your privacy back and block the praying eyes from the online transactions.

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28 Aug 2018

By Dorin Lacusta
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