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How Can You Create an Effective Video Content Strategy?

by Paton Markeitng on

Video is the most important type of content by far. It is estimated that, by 2021, over 82 percent of online traffic will come for video content. ... Read full article

Paton Project’ Educates Budding Entrepreneurs About The Journey — the Ups And Downs

by Paton on

Most self-help entrepreneurial books and videos sprinkled through the Internet will give you the impression that starting your own business and making the big bucks is a piece of cake.... Read full article

Improve Customer Interaction by Using Interactive Digital Signage of IntuiLab in Your Retail Store


Interactive digital signs are moving from being flashy marketing tools to savvy customer engagement magnets inside retail stores. Nowadays, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the main source of information for consumers.... Read full article

Build Gorgeous, Highly Functional Applications for Samsung Through Digital Signage of IntuiLab


IntuiLab is an official display solutions partner for Samsung, providing users with a highly intuitive, expressive, and simple to use platform for designing, creating, as well as deploying and managing gorgeous, highly functional multi-touch digital ... Read full article

Expand your work field with a 3D Configurator


This article is of much importance to the people who are associated with manufacturing and designing fields, but other businesses can also make use of the following information...... Read full article

Elite Marketing can help you make your website look fresher and better


if you want a splash of creativity and attractiveness in your website to attract and retain customers, Elite Marketing is the website design company in Dallas you need. ... Read full article

With the Launch of iPhone X, Android Lovers are Reconsidering


The world of iPhone is going bigger with the increased number of iPhone buyers in India, China and other Asia Pacific regions. ... Read full article

Top tips for maintaining data privacy in your smartphone.


Applications that we use daily for several activities asks for permissions to access key functions. So one should make sure that you keep location usage minimum, uninstall apps that are no longer needed and check app permissions before updates.... Read full article

Google Play Instant


Google Play Instant feature will result in helping users by saving the data costs as they will not download the entire game. This also boosts the quality games and apps as users can easily judge the quality of the experience.... Read full article

How IoT will affect manufacturing sector?


IoT in the manufacturing sector utilizes the data from machines and equipment to transform the processes and systems of the current environment.... Read full article