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Top 5 Secrets to Creating an Award Winning Website

by Paton Marketing on

Top 5 Secrets to Creating an Award Winning Website... Read full article

Top tips for maintaining data privacy in your smartphone.


Applications that we use daily for several activities asks for permissions to access key functions. So one should make sure that you keep location usage minimum, uninstall apps that are no longer needed and check app permissions before updates.... Read full article

With the Launch of iPhone X, Android Lovers are Reconsidering

by rachana on

The world of iPhone is going bigger with the increased number of iPhone buyers in India, China and other Asia Pacific regions. ... Read full article

Users have absolutely fell for these top features in Android Oreo


Oreo makes OS easier to use with better performance. Android Oreo includes many new features that enables developers to build better and efficient apps. ... Read full article

What are the Advantages of Hybrid Apps?

by rachana on

Demand for the mobile application development is booming every day. It is not constrained only to the big companies but also to the start-up companies. ... Read full article

Top Reasons why Mobile Apps fail


Creating your own mobile app is exciting but it is becoming difficult to develop and release a good mobile app that performs well in the present market. Because of certain reasons, apps end up with poor reviews and low return on investments. ... Read full article

Top utility apps for iPhone


Utility apps make your life instantly easier in searching the things, getting the health tips, and saving the documents.These apps are quick access apps that help users in getting the information or tasks that need to be done immediately. ... Read full article

Top 5 android browsers you can try now


Browser with the right feature and performance can literally change the browsing experience.... Read full article

Ways to improve app downloads


Mobile app development doesn’t cover only UI and functionality, but also the rate at which the app is being downloaded. ... Read full article

How IoT will affect manufacturing sector?


IoT in the manufacturing sector utilizes the data from machines and equipment to transform the processes and systems of the current environment.... Read full article