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Digital Magazine Software For Digitization

by Page Turn Pro on

This article talks about digital magazine software. Furthermore, it talks about digitization in the publishing industry.... Read full article

How App Landing Page Can Drive Growth?

by Andrea Maria on

An app landing page is a separate web page that your visitor can arrive at and it was designed mainly for a single conversion goal. What are all the things you included in the landing pages matter a lot to increase users.... Read full article

Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Startups

by Andrea Maria on

As an app development company startup, it is very hard for a company to stay aware about the realities of marketing strategies.... Read full article

Applications of Data Science & What It brings to the Table

by Andrea Maria on

USM is recognized as a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. USM is a deep learning development company USA. USM’s major services include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Data science, IT Strategy and Architecture, Custom D... Read full article

How Will Machine Learning Change Digital Marketing?

by Andrea Maria on

Machine learning can build machines and enable them to work on their own. In fact, machine learning has already been in use for several years and marketers are gradually building some more digital strategies around machine learning available today.... Read full article

Strategies Engage iPhone App Users

by Andrea Maria on

FuGenX is an emerging iPhone app development company Canada. It has the best iPhone app developers in Toronto, Canada. FuGenX create and undertake applications based on different fields like entertainment, infotainment, business development, travel, ... Read full article

How Mobile App Business Can Use Artificial Intelligence Technology?

by Andrea Maria on

In simple words, with Artificial Intelligence app, it will be easy to analyse the evolving trends. Such intelligent apps can build what users prefer based on their ever-evolving needs.... Read full article

Top tips for maintaining data privacy in your smartphone.


Applications that we use daily for several activities asks for permissions to access key functions. So one should make sure that you keep location usage minimum, uninstall apps that are no longer needed and check app permissions before updates.... Read full article

With the Launch of iPhone X, Android Lovers are Reconsidering

by rachana on

The world of iPhone is going bigger with the increased number of iPhone buyers in India, China and other Asia Pacific regions. ... Read full article

Users have absolutely fell for these top features in Android Oreo


Oreo makes OS easier to use with better performance. Android Oreo includes many new features that enables developers to build better and efficient apps. ... Read full article