Amazing Native American Jewelry Designs by Julian Lovato

There may be many talented Native American jewelry designers and makers, but only a few names stand out because of the uniqueness of their creations. Julian Lovato is one such name. This artist has built a remarkable career with his amazing Native American jewelry designs. In fact, his creations are among the most collected pieces today. Designs by Julian Lovato are considered pioneering works in contemporary American Indian art, and the artist himself is a well-known figure in the history of Native American jewelry together with other popular artists like Kenneth Begay, Joseph Quintana, Preston Monongye, and Charles Loloma.

Born in 1925 to a family of traditional bead makers, Julian Lovato was exposed to the art of jewelry making since his childhood. His father and grandpa worked with coral, shell, and turquoise to create ceremonial necklaces, as well as jewelry to be sold to other tribes and pueblos in the southwest. Julian got a head start in gold and silver smithing when he worked as an apprentice for Frank Patina, an Italian jeweler who set up his renowned Thunderbird shop in the late 1940s. Julian further then went on to hone his craft by working with Joseph Quintana, another well-known jeweler associated with the popularity of Native American jewelry. Quintana became one of Julian Lovato’s major influences.

Lovato’s Native American jewelry designs are known for their signature elegant and clean aesthetic. This restraint and minimalism emphasizes the finest gem grade turquoise or coral. Julian’s one-of-a-kind jewelry designs have been influential in the world of Native American jewelry since he began offering his pieces in 1948. His creations are a mark of his individualism and identity, as you can see in his sophisticated and modern designs, gold jewelry, and handmade sterling silver jewelry.

One notable example of his best creations is the rare gem grade Nevada blue spiderweb turquoise necklace, which you can purchase from an established and trusted retailer of authentic Native American jewelry. For the necklace, Julian Lovato used seventeen gorgeous rare gem grade natural Nevada blue turquoise cabochons. He personally collected the stones in the 1990s, and they are extremely hard to find these days. A handmade heavy link dot dash style necklace comes with the stunning pendant.

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01 Apr 2018

By Turquoise Direct
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