StoreHouse Group


As leading accredited Clearing House Agent, we are dedicated to help transactions, establishing contacts between customers and providers for efficient and legal trading operations. As legal body, we will also act as clearing and settlement advisors for each transaction. The trade desk of transactions will be used to control, facilitate all sales and purchase agreement’s end to end.
As a Clearing House agent, we know the internal duties of Clearing House. It is deputed to undertake all of the operations of the marketplace through the following:
- Bloomberg
- Euroclear
The due diligence operations will be closely monitored by experienced professionals to protect the interest of the parties of the transaction. Our team will serve as clearing and settlement advisors to control and facilitate all conditions and steps that may follow each financial transaction.


Porvoon Katu 5-7, 00510 Espoo, Helsinki, Finland
United Kingdom

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