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We are "Mobile Computer Repair".Our offices are located in Woodland Hills and Encino from these locations we are able to cover all of Los Angeles

For most a breakdown of a computer or a laptop is a huge problem, and for our customers, we can help right away on the phone. Our specialists are dispatched immediately and provide computer assistance quickly.

Call us if you have:

  • Your computer does not turn on.
  • Windows does not boot or the “blue screen of death” appears.
  • the computer slows down, hangs, runs slowly or is loading for a long time.
  • Problems with the hard disk or USB devices.
  • Programs Fail to work.
  • the computer requires you to send SMS to unlock.
  • no internet connection. (Internet Stops) (WIFI Coverage is slow)
  • To increase WIFI coverage
  • Just to as us a question.
  •  call us?
  • Because we have excellent specialists.
  • Because we go straight to the house or to the office, and you do not need to drag the computer system through the city to the service center.
  • Because we have not only affordable prices but also offer free diagnostics.
  • Because we give a 90-day warranty.
  • Licensed Bonded Insured.
  • Because we have 15 years of experience servicing repairing and configuring computers.
  • Because we are actively training, providing better services, cost-efficient, more efficient!

Positive feedback from satisfied customers from all areas of Los Angeles ‘Mobile Computer Repair’ – We understand the best bonus for our service center! Therefore, we always work so that our clients will recommend us to their friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, and coworkers.

We guarantee

Everyone says: “We guarantee quality,” but not everyone is ready to confirm this by providing a guarantee. We are not afraid to give guarantees not only in words but also in practice!

Applying to us, you will get:

  • 90 day warranty for the assembly and repair of a computer, for replacement  components,
  • 90 days warranty on the installation and configuration of any software,
  • 90 days warranty on the removal of viruses, banners, Trojans,
  • 90 days warranty on installation, connection, and configuration of peripherals,
  • 90 days warranty for setting up local networks and the Internet.


21800 Burbank Blvd Woodland Hills, Ca 91367
California 91367
United States

21800 Burbank Blvd Woodland Hills, Ca 91367

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