HBXG Sd5k Small Bulldozer For Sale


We have latest technology and highly efficient HBXG Bulldozers for sale. SD5K Small Dozer is ideal for smaller job sites and dealing in tight areas, like residential, heap clearing, road work and even final grade add landscaping or route construction. They mix wonderful skillfulness with power-dense drive trains that offer wonderful performance and throughput. Main Features Machine Weight: - 13100 Rated power: - 97KW Rated fuel consumption: - 190g/KW.h Ground pressure: - 45KPa Dozing capacity – 3.1 Moving Type: - Wheel Bulldozer Dozer: - Power-Angle-Tilting blade Please Contact me if you are interested in our machines: Contact-Us: - Daya Charan & Company +917290049004 New Delhi, Delhi 110058 https://www.bulldozer.in/ bulldozerenquiry@gmail.com


Daya charan & Company

Phone: +917290049004

Website: https://www.bulldozer.in/sd5k_bulldozer.php

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New Delhi, Delhi 110064