BUy Women Blue Washed Raw Hem Denim Midi Skirt | Denim Blue Washed Raw Hem


Raw Hem Denim Midi Skirts are specially designed to fit you perfectly. They do not slip when you seat, bend or twist. A skirt or any garment we make has “fit” at the center of all our efforts. From design, to cutting, stitching and washing, we ensure that the fit is perfect. The patterns are cut with particular focus on how it caresses your waist, hips, your behind and your legs to give you an all-round best definition, shape and firmness. Hence when it comes to the fit, we can really say we are second to none. Heels and Jeans Feel free to get in touch with us using the form given and Get the Ball Rolling! 801 E Commercial St, Unit 2326, Los Angeles, 90012 California +1 866-252-2063 Mail :

Price $ 34.99

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801 E Commercial St, Los Angeles, 90012 California
Los Angeles 90012
United States