Your Business Website - How it Can Make or Break Your Business?

Your website says a lot about your business. Depending on your niche, it may be the first thing many of your potential customers come into contact with before going through the front door of your store. It can be your strong point or your weak point, depending on how you managed to make it work.

What's more, your website tells people what your brand stands for, where it wants to grow and expand and how it wants to be seen online. Websites do tell a collective story about your company and they can literally make or break your business. But why and how?

The design of your website might inspire or annoy

How your website looks is basically the first thing people notice. And it tells them a lot. The color choice, the menus, the navigation, the photos, the animation and graphics – they all play a HUGE role in how your website is seen. Plus, the design sets the mood and creates a special feeling. The problem is getting it right. Choosing the best shades, hues and shapes may be tricky for some companies. The same goes for buttons, menus and other features.

A good design may engage visitors, help them learn more and ultimately increase sales. Good website design makes your branding efforts easier and much more effective – after all, it's way better to promote a nice looking website than a poorly designed one.

On the other hand, bad design can alienate visitors and make them leave. It shows you are not professional and you don't want to use your website as a powerful marketing tool. Essentially, it says that you are not invested in your own success, and this doesn't make you look good in the long run.

Calls to action

This is where your website can really become a powerful business tool. It's where you make a profit, but only if you do it right. Having the best calls to action is tricky though, so you'll have to pay attention to your sales funnel. You must know how to create the best one out there: newsletter sign-ups, sales letters, buy buttons, graphics and videos. Make sure they are visible and intuitive, so people won't have to look for them. However, don't use too many pop-ups and banners, as it will only annoy your visitors.

The content

Most business owners don't see content as an important aspect in web design. However, content, both text and photos, takes A LOT of a space and it has to look good. From the type of font you use, the formatting, the layouts and the photos, everything has to look excellent. Only go for high quality photos, graphics, tables and other gimmicks to attract visitors to your content. Break long paragraphs of text into episodes, for instance. Use bullet points, headings and lists to make your content easier to read and enjoy.

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12 Jul 2018

By Paton Marketing
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