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The solar power industry has never been more attractive for investor, as the maturing sector is inviting more capital infusion and public policy continues to promote renewable energy. California-based Vasari Energy is dynamic company that is meeting the needs of the booming solar energy market, giving investors a powerful opportunity to break into the renewable energy sector.

With the price of panels and technology dropping, the company is poised to continue expanding on its momentum and build a premier brand through its cost-efficient business model and targeted services. The extension of tax credit policy in the U.S., along with a continued direction of worldwide policy towards greenhouse gas reductions, makes the solar industry a strong investment consideration, with Vasari Energy providing investors with an opportunity to capitalize on the booming market through its profit margin growth and revenue generation.

Here’s a look at the growing strength of the solar market and how Vasari Energy is positioned to grow in this thriving market:

Strong solar industry growth

The solar market grows stronger and larger with each passing year. Globally, the market is expected to grow to reach $137 billion by 2020. In the U.S., the solar sector is expected to see $40 billion in investment each year through 2020, and continue to attract at least $30 billion a year in investment thereafter.

Promising energy technology

The solar industry offer investors a strong long-range prospect, particularly as it offers commercial and industrial adopters a better energy source over time. Solar technology offers power-intensive businesses an attractive return-on-investment for their electrical resource needs. Unlike fossil fuels, which deplete natural resources, solar power grows with technological advancement. And while oil is currently priced low, it’s a finite resource whose supply will eventually shrink, which will inevitably result in higher costs. But solar’s cost only goes down as technology improves.

Declining panel costs

The industry’s growth has also helped drive down the costs of panels, as commercial and industrial users place large orders that increase the scales of production. The lower costs and increased benefits of solar are driving up demand for solar technology, which Vasari Energy stands ready to provide to a wide range of clients.

Government promoting solar investment

Policy considerations are also making solar power more attractive for investors.  The industry got a jolt in December 2015 when Congress extended the Solar Investment Tax Credit, offering companies that install, develop or finance a solar energy system a tax credit to help underwrite the costs.  The deal extends the credit through 2022, keeping the current rate of 30 percent through 2019, with it reducing to 10 percent by 2022. Additionally, regulations of carbon dioxide emissions on coal will continue to give solar long-term price advantages. As The Street notes, these policy decisions make solar stocks the best energy investment going into 2016. This ensures another half-decade where solar power companies like Vasari Energy will have clear cost-benefit advantages, driving more investment into the industry.

Vasari Energy’s market positioning

Because of the price-competitive and unique services that it provides clients, Vasari Energy is positioned to thrive in the booming solar marketplace. Installations in the U.S. and worldwide continue to rise, creating a rich market where Vasari Energy is poised to grow by building a premier brand as a solar energy provider and further developing its operations on a global scale.  Despite the incentives and capital flowing into the sector, commercial and industrial solar energy users still need to meet tight margins, which is why Vasari Energy’s cost-effective service offerings make it a competitive choice among solar distributors and a sound addition to investment portfolios.

Vasari Energy’s comprehensive solutions

Vasari Energy’s specialized turnkey approach delivers solar power solutions for a wide range of companies and organizations, at the some of the lowest possible costs. From project feasibility studies to solar power system installation to financing and customer service, Vasari Energy provides the leadership, hardware and technology to bring their clients into the renewable energy age. The specialized energy systems that Vasari Energy offers makes it simple to install power panels across a variety of sites, meeting a wide range of commercial and industrial energy needs.

Vasari Energy’s growth plan

In addition to its service and product offerings, Vasari Energy is building its brand behind a growing sales force that is ready to lead the company into the global marketplace. Vasari Energy has expanded its sales and marketing team to meet the needs of the growing renewable energy sector, which is expanding under the increased levels of capital flowing into the market. Vasari Energy is seizing this opportunity, building momentum with deals large and small.

Why invest in Vasari Energy?

Vasari Energy is building a solid foundation through an efficient business model that is targeting the commercial, utility, industrial, and government clients that are fueling the growth of the solar industry. Vasari Energy offers commercial, industrial and utility energy consumers several advantages, including comprehensive renewable energy solutions, long-term rates, and expert customer service, making the company a competitive electrical power option for a variety of clients.

Through this solid foundation, investors in Vasari Energy stand to see high cash generation that can result in a substantial return on capital. Learn more about how to invest in Vasari Energy.


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