Which dress type goes with which body shape?

The quote beautifully sums up the best fashion advice you can ever get, that is, to choose the dress that flaunts your best features and play down on your imperfections. But then it is also important to understand what actually are your assets and what you need to conceal, and the best way to identify this is by taking a cue from your body shape. Your body shape can be your perfect guide to determine the best outfit that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

The ideal body shape is the hourglass frame which is considered to be the most balanced shape. The body has shoulders and hips in line with a defined waistline and curvaceous bust and hips. However, the majority of woman tend to have different body shapes and the idea is to create an illusion of a frame that looks close to hourglass frame. Now, as stated above, when you go out to determine your body shape, we have a tendency to focus more on problem areas like bulging tummy, love handles, thighs and so on and in the process, we tend to ignore what actually our guiding line was.

So, in order to determine your body shape, you need to see the complete picture. So, stand in front of the mirror in body-hugging leggings and t-shirt preferably in black. Now, carefully examine your frame. You will get an idea of your body shape. Additionally, you can also note down your shoulder, waist, hips, thighs measurement to understand what frame you have and read the tips below to get a clear idea about it.

Fashion Tips Based On Your Body Types:

Once you know what body type you have, then you can go ahead and create your new wardrobe based on the suggestions below. We have listed the dos and don’ts for each body type that will clearly guide to get your perfect outfit.

1. Pear Body Shape

How to identify: Your upper body is slender in comparison to your lower body which means your hips are wide and bulkier than your shoulders. You have defined the waistline. 
Areas to highlight: Torso and shoulder, that means the slender body part.
Fashion focus: Highlight your waistline and volumize your upper area and shoulders and conceal your lower body. 
Tips: For choosing a perfect dress, go for the one that highlights your shoulders and waist. You can opt for scoop neck, sweetheart or plunging neckline. Look for defined hemlines and pick a dress that slims down your hips and thighs. Consider the following:
-Opt for A-line cuts
-Have a wide hemline of dresses, pants and even skirts to give a balanced look to your hip area.
-Go for dual tone dress that has light shades on the upper area and darker shades in the lower area. You can also -opt for a monochromatic look.
-Boat neck tops, cowl necklines, square and V-neck looks great on you.
-Strapless dresses are a great option to accentuate your arms and shoulder areas.
-Ruffles look great on you.
-You can wear a jacket over your dress but make sure that your jacket ends above your waist and is well-fitted. 
Apart from above, make sure you pick pointed shoes to elongate your legs.

2. Inverted Triangle Or Wedge Body Type

How to identify: This body shape is opposite to pear shape that means the shoulders and chest are wide, while hips and waist are narrow. 
Areas to highlight: Your Legs
Fashion focus: Flaunt your lower body and add play down your shoulders and upper body area. 
Tips: Go by your instinct, if you feel your waist are in great shape, go flaunt it in a crop top or dress with embellished belts. And if you feel your legs are all toned up, then go pick a little black dress and show off your legs with pride. If you have any doubts, always use a shapewear to smoothen out your problem areas. Here are additional tips for you to consider:
-Opt for brighter shades in the bottom that is skirt or pants or lower portion of your dress. Remember, that’s where you want to draw attention to. 
-Go for pants with wide-leg.
-Avoid using spaghetti-strap tops.
-Refrain from boat neckline tops and even the ones that highlight the width of your shoulder. Keep neckline narrow to give an impression of a slimmer shoulder and neck area.
-Experiment with high-waisted styles of dresses
-You can pick a pencil cut dress that hugs your over the lower body and has a volume in the top area.

3. Rectangle Body Shape

How to identify: If your waist, shoulder, and hipline have a similar width you are considered to have a rectangle frame. Mostly you must have seen the athletics have this type of frame. 
Areas to highlight: Arms and legs are your best features.
Fashion focus: To create an illusion of curve and highlight your slender and well proportionate legs and arms. 
Tips: For rectangle or ruler body types, it is important to create curves. So, a dress that has a sweetheart neckline with a side-slight will be a perfect pick. You can create a curvaceous frame by using wide belts or belts that have bold straps. Additionally, you can refer the tips below:
-Scoop neck and sweetheart neckline will help you create curves.
-You can club your dresses with long, well-tailored jackets to have a lean silhouette. 
-Dresses with collars, ruffles and embroideries and details will flatter your chest areas and will give a feminine touch.
-Lingerie is very important to add dimension to your frame. A pushup bra can do the trick when you are wearing a well-fitted dress that a plunging neckline.
-You can experiment and add layers to your dress to add more dimension to your frame.

4. Apple Body Shape

How to identify: Just like the shape of an apple, the above area that includes back, ribs, and shoulders are wide and sometimes bulky too. While your hip and waistline are considerably narrow.
Areas to highlight: Legs are the best part of your body
Fashion focus: Your goal is to add length to your torso area to camouflage your width. Showoff your legs and shift the focus towards it.
Tips: The challenge with the apple shaped body is the upper portion is bulky and the waistlines are not that defined too. So, in order to add length to the frame, you should wear a V-neckline dress that has A-line or has an empire hem to elongate your frame. You can also wear a structured jacket with your dress to conceal your mid-section. Here are some more tips for you to try out:
-Monochromatic looks are your safest bet.
-The bra should provide proper support to your dress and must add some curves too. So padded and full-covered one under your dress is an ideal option.
-If your waist has a section that is defined and slimmer, make sure you use belts particularly in that area only. 
-Empire tops and dresses are great options for you.
-You can wear asymmetrical and short dresses with loose fits to draw attention towards your legs and keep eyes off your mid-section.

5. Hourglass Body Type

How to identify: Hourglass is an ideal body frame where the shoulder and hips have similar width and proportion and your waist is clearly defined. The frame is super-feminine and anything and everything goes with it.
Areas to highlight: Curves, curves, and some more curves!
Fashion focus: Show-off what you’ve got.
Tips: Yes, you are blessed with the best body types but still you can go wrong if your attire goes out of balance. Balance is the key to dress up your curvaceous frame else you run a risk of looking bulkier in your hips or bust area. So, go for a well fitted top half dress that flares down to your knees. Additionally, dresses in simple V-neck and sweetheart necklines are your safest bet. You can experiment with beautiful and bold belts to accentuate your slim waistline. Even A-line dress or wrap-dress looks amazing on an hourglass frame. Here are some more tips to glam-up:
-Do not shy away in highlighting your curves, don’t go for ill-fitted or baggy clothes. 
-Body hugging and bodycon look perfect on you, if you have some bulges, you can hide those imperfections with a shapewear.
-Use belt in your slimmest area to highlight your curves.
-High-waist skirts and dress that gives a high-waist illusion look great on you.
-Go for breezy, light-weight and flowy fabric like chiffon or georgette to highlight your frame.
Apart from above tips, remember that the prints also play an important role. If you want to add more bulk to the area go for bright shades and bold and big prints, however, to slim down an area go for small patterns in dark shades. The stiff fabrics like cotton, silk, khadi, tweed add weight to the area alternatively flowy fabric like chiffon and georgette have a slimming effect.

Now, that you know what will look great on you, aren’t you tempted to revamp your wardrobe? And, what if we say you can easily recreate your wardrobe with the best designer wear within your budget? If you don’t trust us, then check out the latest collection of dresses at The Peach and Pink Store and choose the one that suits you the best. If you need any help in deciding your outfit or you have any other query or concern you can write us at support@peachandpinkstore.com and we get in touch with you.

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06 May 2019

By Peach and Pink
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