Belgian Chocolate Truffle is a type of confection in Belgium with chocolate ganache and cocoa powder as a primary ingredient. Most of the Belgian Chocolate truffles are also made and topped with chopped toasted nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds for the best tasting experience.

The Belgian Chocolate Truffles coming from Western Europe have different exciting flavors aside from the classic one. If you’re into adventure, there’s an extravagant collection of truffles with exciting flavors such as coconut, hazelnut, and caramel. In every bite, there’s a smooth texture and intense chocolate flavor from the finest, premium ingredients. If you’re into extra dark chocolates, there are Belgian dark chocolate truffles with high-percentage of cocoa mass made from roasted cacao beans and dark filling. If you want to taste the pure chocolate goodness of Belgian chocolate truffles, choose the classic. There’s an assortment too and a different selection of truffles such as Crunchy Praline, Cinnamon Crunch, Milk, White Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee and more. Hazelnut chocolate truffles are creamier and richer due to the enhancing characteristics of the nuts that blends well with the ganache or cacao butter. The truffles are made from simple ingredients and easy to make, but having one from the best chocolatiers in town just like in Belgium makes it best for your extravagant chocolate tasting experience. But, if you’re not in Belgium, you can order chocolates online from online chocolate shops. There’s a variety of Belgian chocolate truffles online too which you can order and receive in good condition and cool packaging for that delightful experience just like you’re in Belgium.

Belgian Chocolate Truffles are different from any other major types of chocolate truffles as it is usually made with dark chocolate and filled with buttercream, nut pastes or ganache. It comes in round and boxed shapes that are packed with the heavenly goodness of chocolate that melts in your mouth. It’s oozing goodness comes from selected premium ingredients handcrafted by artisans—no wonder that the best chocolate truffles in the world come from Belgium. Belgian Chocolate Truffles also comes in a prestige box that are made as gifts and snacks that are good for sharing. For all the truffle lovers out there, the Belgian Chocolate Truffles can be a cute gift too for your loved ones. There’s a heart-shaped truffles too in gift boxes that are ready to be sent and shipped to your loved ones. It’s easy and convenient to buy online—definitely worth the price!


Iris Lat is a pre-law student who loves to read Japanese novels, listen to delicate transitions of classical music. Apart from this, she is a big foodie too, and specifically, she loves chocolates. She is a creative writer as well, and her chocolate affection comes out with her writing. 

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24 Aug 2018

By Iris Lat
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