Travel preparations are now made easier with the many available research mediums today. The continuous development of technology and the internet offers a lot of options to work your way into a well thought out traveling experience. Everything is around the web in one click and in one small device; you will be able to get to know basics of the place you're going to, find recommended shops, hotels and magnificent views to drop by as well. However, with all the good and must-do stuff these mediums can offer, what about the other side of preparation which are the don'ts? It's also important, especially as a tourist, to be aware of what must not be done basically on the place you're traveling to.

Checking resort fees, wardrobe convenience, jaywalking, street vendors, long-hauling on cabs, proper use of transactions in specific places like the casino, gambling, nightclubs, shopping area choices and a lot more - the brooks team gives you complete significant information on things not to do in Vegas, one of the hottest travel area choice of all time. We make sure you're equipped with enough knowledge so you can fully enjoy the trip without a single trouble!

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02 Jan 2019

By The Brooks Team
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