Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars: A Healthy Choice

Going it vegan? Don’t mind the all-over talk about how difficult it is to get your favorite vegan dark chocolate bars. They are actually widely available. So get ready to treat your sweet tooth with the healthiest of chocolates. You can still have a bite of the rich creaminess without compromising your values.

Here are some quick tips to help get the right, quality vegan chocolate to charm your taste buds. 

Pure High-quality

A good quality dark chocolate of at least 50% cacao is considered healthy and good for vegans. A higher cacao percentage is even better because it is synonymous to its purity. Well, it may be a little bit bitter. The fact that dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants makes it a powerfully healthy sweet. Don’t forget that it contains less sugar which is also an additional benefit.

Absence of Non-dairy ingredients on the ingredients label

Look out for forbidden vegan ingredients like dairy milk, whey, casein, or milk fat. In fact, a long list of ingredients is usually an indication of fillers in not only chocolate but other products. From what we already know, vegans are the healthiest eaters you’ll ever come across.

Not all dark chocolate is vegan

It is true that original dark chocolate in its purest form is vegan. However some brands of dark chocolate, even those with a high cacao percentage, may contain dairy milk which is normally infused in one of the last processes of its production. If your taste buds feel like indulging in delicious creamy versions of these decadent, rice, coconut, almond or soy milk are great vegan substitutes. Not only that, they come with huge health benefits. Almond and soy milk do not contain cholesterol and lactose. They also have minimum saturated fats. Rice


Veganism is not just about what goes to the stomach, it is ethical. Vegans mind that no worker is enslaved or exploited in the process of producing chocolate right from growing cocoa beans to chocolate production. It is however not cast on stone that vegan chocolates must be fair trade certified. You’ll spot several vegan chocolate brands with the fair-trade label.


There is no limit to dark chocolate enhancements. Enjoy almonds, mint, or caramel as long as they make it on your healthy foods list. Rule of thumb here is to keep it moderate. It is important to note that some vegan dark chocolate bars are not labelled vegan. However, if you scan through their ingredients list, you will notice they have vegan only ingredients. Be careful with these though as some may have been produced using the same facilities as other non-vegan chocolate.

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24 Aug 2018

By June
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