Tips for Better Candid Photography

Candid styles have found immense popularity both in general and professional field of photography. No wonder they are finding lots of space in the photobooks online and some are also taking them far as to their instagram prints.  It is so because the candid photographs do not seek to “achieve” a “perfect” shot. They literally focus on those moments of frivolity that catches most of the people off-guard.  Besides, many people have shunned the idea of formal photography even at weddings as they look what they called boring.

But candid photography is not easy as it seems. Find out more about our tips for better candid photography.

  1. Keep your camera ready- In other words, if you want to capture the best and perfect candid photograph for your custom photo books, you have to keep and perhaps travel with your camera all the time. Here’s the thing- you are not trying to frame a particular location or the glitz and glamour of a venue. It’s just the most instantaneous expression and mood that you are trying to capitalize on for making the custom made photo album of your dreams.
  2. Use a long zoom- Naturally candid photos are always best to be clicked from a distance. Rather you should be at the farthest distance from the subject so that he/she does not sense that they are being clicked. Thus you have to incorporate the long zoom to click the picture from outside their personal space so you get an intimate of the subject.
  3. Don’t use the flash- It is most obvious that the camera’s flash can tip off the subject that they are getting clicked. Therefore, you must turn off the flash right away. You may try clicking a photograph without the flash if you’re aiming for candid shots. When in lower light situations increase your ISO setting, use a faster lens, open up your aperture or if your camera has a ‘natural light mode’ switched on.
  4. Photograph people engrossed in an activity- This is another way to get beautiful pictures that can blow away people with their candid approach. Aim for the pictures that involve your subject in an interaction or an activity that makes them look amusing and adorable. Once again, it is best to use a long zoom lens camera as they also let you capture a wider audience.
  5. Change the framing angle- If you change the framing angle, you also get a different perspective on the subject in each photograph. With this innovative idea, you can also make additions to different photographs of the same occasion or subject in your photo book. Not only does it give variety, they let you play around with the composition and different aspects of photography.

With all that being said, these tips should be implemented to make your photos candid alone. By no means should you resort to clicking the paparazzi-style photographs that encroach upon a person’s privacy and may lead you to a situation for which you were never ready.

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08 May 2018

By Manan Kumar
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