The Day-to-Day Life of a Social Media Consultant

How does a social media consultant's day look like? This is quite possibly not something you thought about before... Or if you did, you never really imagined to be really special. After all, it's just an office job, much like other digital marketers have, right? Well, the answer is both yes and no, depending on where you are looking from.


Social media is an ever-changing environment. It's fast, it's stressful and it's going 24/7, 365 days a year. It has its slow moments, but it also has massively stressful spikes, usually around the holidays and during special events. So how does a social media consultant manage to get things done?


Dividing the work


Social media consultants don't just browse Facebook, Instagram or Twitter all day long. There are many aspects of this job that work closely together. On one hand, you have content creation and curation, and on the other hand you have audience engagement, outreach, emails, scheduling and monitoring. There's a lot of work.


  • Content creation and curation:

    While content creation may not be precisely your job, as it can be outsourced to professionals, you must review it, edit it and come up with a content strategy. You have writers, videographers, photographers and other collaborators you will need to manage and direct so that the right content goes on the social profiles. Curation refers to what exactly gets chosen to go on social media and how. Articles, blogs, photos and videos all need curation – a careful selection of what goes where.

  • Keeping yourself updated, outreach and emails:

    This is what happens most of the time. Social media consultant must know what goes on every second on social media, so they have to pay attention to every update or news. Scheduling calls, conferences and meet ups also go here. It's a daily activity and will take the most time out of your work day. Answering emails can also take a lot of time, but it must be done.

  • Monitoring and analytics:

    You always have to check your work and how everything is going. Social media consultants must follow engagement rates (likes, shares and comments), revenues and expenses, sentiment and brand positioning, but also KPIs, depending on the campaign. These statistics also need to be interpreted and managed so you get the best results. Ideally, they all go into a weekly report that you discuss with your project manager.

  • Sales and ecommerce:

    Social media consultants have to also focus on the traffic that lands on a clients' website, and how are the sales going. Is everything aligned? Is the campaign profitable for the client? Is there anything new to bring to the equation to make it work better? How does the work translate into direct sales? These are all questions that need an answer, preferably daily.

  • Learning:

    This is probably the most important aspect of a day-to-day life of a social media consultant. You will have to learn new strategies every day. Improve yourself, read, experiment, try new things and pay attention to what others are doing. It's the only way to stay on the top of the game.


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07 Jun 2018

By Paton
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